Thursday, May 28, 2015


I’m pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful area. We have a lake, mountains and the most striking desert scenery.
I find inspiration all around, in the breathtaking sunsets, sun-painted cloud formations and mysterious moon phases I can see right outside my house.
These inspiring natural sights often find their way into my stories, especially the moon which plays an important role in tales of myth and magic.
Open your eyes. Inspiration is all around you. All you have to do is take the time to notice.

Excerpt from The Bear Goddess:
Moonlight spilled into the cave in an ethereal glow. She padded barefoot across the cold stone floor of the cave. Maggie stirred from her perch on a tall thin rock formation. Callisto searched through her supply of herbs and potions in the clay jars sitting on the natural ledge. She grabbed the jar containing a nightshade potion and hurried back to her warm bed. After draping the blanket around her shoulders, she opened the jar. A strong odor tickled her nose. She was careful to drink a small amount of the poison, just enough to help deepen her trance state.
After sealing the jar, she settled into a sleeping position and focused her thoughts on Pan. Closing her eyes, she sensed the cave spinning around her. The sensation tickled her stomach. The moonlight grew brighter against her closed eyes. Then only the pitch-black darkness of a tunnel filled her vision. A nightingale singing rang inside the passageway. In her vision, she felt herself step through the tunnel, following the birdsong as if she had no control over her motions. As if she were under an enchantment.
She walked down steps into a familiar-looking cave. Pan’s sanctuary. The god sat on a stool, playing his reed flute that sounded just like a nightingale. The song filled her head, each note weaving a spell into her mind like the tiny silver threads of a magical cobweb.
The dream changed and Callisto was in the forest where she had faced the boar, but she stood in a different spot hidden in the trees. Peering out of the trees, she saw herself facing the boar. It was an odd feeling to be outside her body and see herself. The boar charged her. She winced at the sight of herself being struck by the boar, feeling again the painful effects of the silver. She tried to move, but her feet stuck to the ground. When she looked down, a scream caught in her throat. Instead of human legs and feet, her lower half was the body of a goat.

She awoke from her trance, her throat raw from screaming.

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

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