Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's NaNo time... almost by Kaye Spencer

National Novel Writing Month begins in two days. (Yay!!!)

I'm participating again this year, which is my sixth year in a row. The only year I crossed the 50k finish line by November 30th was my first year, 2009, and the story I wrote will NEVER see the light of day. 0_o It wasn't even worth revising, so I've wisely relegated it to the dungeon of my computer's files.

So, for the past five NaNo marathons, I've fallen woefully short of the goal. This year I'm determined to reach the winner's circle. To accomplish this, I've changed my strategy. In years past, I arrived on November 1st with an idea and just went from there.

This year, I've taken the time to do planning and plotting, so I'm going in with more writing ammunition than before. If anyone wants to by writing buddies, look me up on the NaNo website as KayeSpencer. I'll buddy right back.

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