Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kaye's update from January 30th - writing, arthritis, and new computer mouse

A little recap…

My last post was January 30th, and it was the first of a two-part blog on arthritis, writing, and my new computer mouse called the "Handshoe Mouse". This is the website for more information on the mouse:

I’d been struggling with arthritis-like pain in both my hands, so I decided to try an ergonomically designed mouse with hope that it would relieve the swelling at the base of my thumb, which is right in the joint. I’m ambidextrous, but I prefer a lefty mouse, so that’s the one I replaced with the Handshoe.

Here’s the update regarding my arthritis and how the different mouse is working out…
Well, I have mostly good news. After having a series of blood tests and hand x-rays, I found out I don’t have arthritis. Apparently, the stiffness, swelling, and aching was caused by extreme overuse/stress from last August and September when I was involved in massive amounts of furniture moving, packing boxes, carrying boxes, etc. for three households. Obviously, I jumped the gun when I self-diagnosed the arthritis. A combination of rest and a regimen of NSAIDs has made a significant improvement in the pain and swelling over the last 60 days. Whew!

Now about the mouse—

The following is a quote is about the Handshoe mouse from my January 30th post:

“…the new mouse cost $99.00 (via, and it is made specifically for the left hand. I'd have to purchase another one for my right hand if I want to give my left hand a rest. That’s a lot of money for a couple of pieces of molded plastic screwed together to hold in the electronic parts that I’m betting aren’t all that expensive.”

The Handshoe mouse is probably a fine mouse, and maybe it’ll eventually be worth the $99, but my left thumb is still giving me trouble, and when I use a lefty mouse of any type, my thumb still swells and aches. So I’ve had to switch to a right-handed to allow my left hand to continue resting. Hopefully, in a few months, I’ll be able to try the Handshoe again.

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