Sunday, January 26, 2014

Helping inspire~ a young writer...

For this month’s post, I thought I'd share an interview I did for a college student. For I believe anything that inspires a young individual to follow their dream of becoming a writer is a good deed.

For, they need to believe in their abilities and the gift they possess to create. Whether it is a short story, penning journalism or a simple poem, young writers often look to us for acceptance and feedback. And many times they simply want to understand the process we use to create.

So when I was asked to do this short interview, I felt honored this individual chose me.

And I must say, she asked some good questions… (Listed Below)

1~What is the most blatant lie you've ever told? Telling the truth no matter what the consequence is the right choice, and is the path I’ve always taken. Lies have a way of coming back to haunt you. And in the end, the truth always comes out…
Now in my novels sometimes my characters will mask the truth ‘to protect someone they love or care for’. However, the aftermath almost always leaves the one they lied to hurt and the untruthful character feeling awful because of their actions.

2~Are the names of your characters in your novels important? Yes, I do a ton of research before finalizing my character's names. The name must echo the character’s heritage, time period (they lived in) and most important their personality. How I begin is picturing a character in my mind, what are his or her good qualities, strengths and physical features. I also think about their weaknesses and how it affects their overall personality. 

3~What are the most important attributes to remain sane as a writer? First you can’t beat yourself up if at times the words just aren’t there when writing a chapter or trying to conclude the story. It happens, even to me. That is when you need to take a break, and give your creative mind a rest. Most times when you sit back down and begin typing the words just flow.
It’s also very important to remember not every critic or reader will like your work. You can’t allow every negative opinion or comment to affect you emotionally. Not all may relate to, or enjoy novels written about the genre you pen.
Last take pleasure in life and make time for those you love. Read one of your favorite author’s newest releases…you’ll be amazed at how rewarding getting lost in another’s work can be.
Thank you, for asking me to do this interview.

D.A. Berry

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