Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How does one find time to write during the holiday season…

For me this year it has been a challenge. With only having three weeks after Thanksgiving to get all my shopping and decorating done—I haven’t penned a word. And I feel so guilty about that…
For some reason, this year it’s as if I’ve been behind the eight ball since Black Friday. With working a full-time job, I wish I could have cloned myself to accomplish all that needed to be done. Unfortunately, that was impossible to do, so I needed to stop stressing out over not having time to write.
It is Christmas night, and though I didn’t pen a word in four weeks, what I did spend my time on was so worth it. Seeing the smile on my husband’s face as our new puppy curiously opened her gifts, I cannot even put into words.
Now that the craziness is over, once again my time can be divided between those I love and the love of writing…

Merry Christmas~
D.A. Berry

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