Thursday, December 5, 2013

And Now For A Little Winter Interlude

I hope this post finds you nestled in front of a fire with a cup of cocoa and a fistful of acceptance letters for all of the writing you've sent out into the universe during 2013. If, however you're like me, then sit back with a frosted cookie and read on.

My last post, written in the early heady days of NANO, contained mention of all the progress I was making on my WIP and the screenplay I was working on based on "Matching Wits With Venus". Yes, I was oh so full of that November resolve, that autumnal certainty that this was the year in which I would complete two projects with heavy word counts while at the same time entertaining holiday house guests, learning new guitar songs, and maybe exercising every day. The best laid plans ....

Progress on the WIP marches on, if at a slower pace than anticipated. The screenplay's going. The guitar songs, well let's just say that the members of my family have been wearing a lot of headphones lately. And that's just the dogs. As for the exercising, well, I'm pretty sure that I can be fit walking from my house to my car. Anyway, I'm going to cut myself a break and, in this season of miracles, pat myself on the back for continuing to write five days a week, even when I feel like I may never receive another acceptance letter.

And you should too - after all, we deserve to celebrate our commitment to our craft. So raise a glass of whatever bubbly you prefer and toast yourself and your hard work. Then get out there and buy yourself a 2014 diary and write down your writing resolutions. In ink.

Happy writing, happy holidays, and happy new year. May 2014 be your best year yet.

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