Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween superstitions, or not

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but it is also a time of superstition. Two creatures associated with Halloween and bad luck are black cats and bats. According to Avia Venefica of, these creatures aren’t to be feared and were actually lucky omens before superstitions set in.

Some people fear black cats and associate them with bad luck and evil. But back in ancient Egypt, black cats were considered sacred because they could sense the unseen and see in the dark, but couldn’t be seen. In one part of Scotland, a strange black cat appearing in your yard is a sign that you will soon come into money.

Before bats were feared for their association with vampires and drinking blood, they were considered helpful and friendly to humans. Ancient people lit bonfires at night, which attracted mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs and the bats would eat them. And by the way, bats do not drink blood.

So maybe now when you see a black cat or a bat, you won’t run the other way. Although, bats do frighten me a little bit because they fly so erratically and you can’t hear them. I always end up covering my head and screaming when the bat we have in our back yard flies toward the patio. lol He’s probably more afraid of me and my screaming.

Happy Halloween!


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