Monday, September 30, 2013

Kaye - Back in the writing zone

Greetings NN-ers on this gorgeous southeastern Colorado September 30th!!!!

In my August 30th post, I said I'd give an update in September on my writing progress. Well, I'm happy—giddy is more like it—to report that I've accomplished a lot of writing and writing-related 'stuff'. Whew!!! It's about time. ;-) If I could do either cartwheels or handsprings, I would look like this:
Breaking out of the non-writing doldrums has been an emotional and psychological relief. So what did I accomplish?

I have a new book trailer on my YouTube Channel— — The Vampire Oracle, In the Cards: Life (eBook erotic contemporary novella that is also in the print anthology by the same name: The Vampire Oracle, In the Cards - Vol. 1).

My previously published and now out-of-digital print [sensual] western novella, The Comanchero's Bride, is now on my website as a FREE PDF download. Yes, FREE download, so I hope you'll take advantage of this.

A little explanation on Comanchero...

I removed the original novella-length Comanchero from eBook publication in 2009 because it was begging to be rewritten as a full novel. It's about 85k now, which is double the original. This expanded version is the one on my website in a chapter-by-chapter unedited 'challenge' posting with my sister author, Sable Grey. However, our challenge project is on hold for a variety of unfortunate life-interrupting reasons. I hope to have this longer story polished and Indie-published in the coming year (perhaps that was clear as mud???) Regardless, enjoy the free download. ;-)

I've been doggedly writing on my current WIP, a 1950s FBI agent and moonshiner's daughter romance. My goal to finish this story is October 15th (fingers crossed).
Autumn is my favorite season and October is my favorite month, so maybe this has influenced my emergence from the writing black hole I've floundering around in. <shrugging> Who knows? I'm just glad to sit at my computer and NOT stare at a blank Word document until drops of blood form on my forehead [paraphrasing a quote by author/journalist Gene Fowler].

Until next time,


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