Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To Inspire Relationships

There are many reasons that I write: a love of stories, an affinity for adventure, and then there's the excitement of love. The most important reason I write now though is to inspire relationships.
I believe in love so much that I know even when we get our hearts broken it is sometimes the best thing that can happen to us. There is a mistaken belief that there can't be anything better out there than what we have now.
So, not true.
I'm not talking to those in healthy, mutually satisfying, relationships. You know how to makes things work—but romance novels aren't built on perfect relationships. Thank goodness, because imagine how boring those books would be. Instead think of those great romances novels we read that start out with a bad relationship in a hero/heroine's past.
You root for the heroine to overcome her insecurities, or perhaps you just want to throw the book when the hero seems more willing to let the heroine go than risk his heart. Oh, but what a thing of joy it is when they work together as a team to defeat their enemies and achieve their happily ever after.
That's why I love writing. Relationships are never easy. Some are worth saving and some aren't. Knowing when to hold on and when to let go is perhaps the hardest lesson any of us will learn in our lives. That's what romances teach us.
We deserve a great hero/heroine in our lives.
It's satisfying to put out a story where the heroine is broken hearted but overcomes her pain to catch her hero. Love can be worth the struggle when it's with the right person. I have to say, I'm so glad I never married my first boyfriend. He wasn't my "one."
That story from my heart has yet to be written. *sly grin*
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