Friday, July 5, 2013

En plein air

En plein air ... it's the term the French have for painting outdoors. Painting en plein air was especially popular with the Impressionists, who were keen to capture the effects of sun and wind and the movement of the sea. I've been looking at a number of paintings lately, and it's got me wondering: should I be writing en plein air?

Writing outside brings about different reactions between the writer and his/her pen/paper/keyboard. Think about it - are you compelled to shield your computer from rainwater when tapping the keys indoors? Are you in need of shade when you're writing inside your home? Do you find yourself behind a pair of sunglasses while sitting at your desk?

What would my poem sound like if it took on the rhythm of a mosquito? Would a glass of sparkling water bring my protagonist back to life? What if my love interest was overcome with heat stroke?

What do you think? Have you taken your notebook en plein air? If not, what are you waiting for?

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