Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little fun with Word Clouds

Greetings One and All,

I had a little fun today with playing with several on-line 'word cloud' generators. Without identifying the ones that didn't work for me, these are the general issues I had with them:
  1. I didn't want to change my firewall settings to gain access to the program's features.
  2. I also didn't want to grant access to my Facebook account including my photos, friends/contacts list, etc. in order to save/download the word cloud.
  3. There is a 'tag' generator that accesses a specific url and generates a word cloud from tags, which wasn't what I wanted.
  4. On yet another one, the terms and conditions didn't appear to be appropriate for posting on social networks as it is geared specifically toward elementary educators, parents, and students, although I really liked how easy it was to use.
  5. I didn't want to create an account with user name and password.
So, the one that met my particular needs is called WordItOut. There are options for layout, fonts, font colors, and size.
I was able to save my image to my computer and on-line (with only verification that I'm a 'real' person - no username/password). I had the choice to make my WordItOut private or public. I went with private for the time being.
Here is the word cloud I made for my western historical romance, Lonely Places.
(Just in case you'd like to purchase Lonely PlacesAmazon.com Kindle Store - Lonely Places )*wink*
This is the WordItOut website: http://worditout.com/
This is the 'private' link to my Lonely Places image: http://worditout.com/word-cloud/237963/private/81218c1a4d5b2e2e0e42dad87cf792dd
Nifty, huh? Just for fun, I'm going to make one for each of my books and put them on my website.
Until next time,
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