Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Write in the Paranormal Genre?

I love creating. There are the amazing settings and situations in addition to fantastic characters beyond our imaginings. Nothing is ever so exotic as that which we do not know. Reading paranormal books, for me those are romances, is the opportunity to experience something beyond reality.
Let me feel the cool touch of a vampire's fingers as he caresses my neck. Or how about the shiver that runs down the spine at the warm breath of a demon lover. What powers are available to this amazing creature so different from us? One might only guess before turning the page to find out.
Then there are the shifters among the group. Cat, wolf, dog, and even dragon shifters are as alluring as any creature of the night. Their abilities to become something other than human and yet still maintain that humanity is intoxicating.
Those who have never written in the paranormal genre might wonder if they have the ability or imagination. Indeed, it's something each author struggles with as we strive to make our characters and storyline unique.
Here's the answer: Yes! One hundred percent if you love paranormal stories you should try your hand at writing them. Why? Because stretching the boundaries of imagination is an amazing experience. I never dreamed I'd write a demon who could cause imps to get horny by blowing a breath at them, but that's what happened in Love's Demon Ways.
What's fun about paranormal is that the ordinary doesn't exist. While a character may be mortal, that character's love for a paranormal creature is extraordinary in itself.
It is a wondrous expansion of our minds to places yet seen, characters yet known, and moments yet experienced.
This is my playground, how about you?
Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author in genres including paranormal, futuristic and contemporary suspense.


Ivy Bateman said...

Great post Mary! For me, I actually find it hard to write stories that don't drift into the paranormal. Except for my blog, most of what I write tends to drift left of reality...what does that say about me?? Not too happy with reality?? Your post is definitely food for thought!

Mary Corrales said...

Eh, reality is overrated. Haha. Actually, I think the paranormal just has more possibilities than real life.

Yeah, maybe I'm not much for reality either. :)

Thanks for commenting.