Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be My Kindle Hero?

You know me. From time to time, I like to rewrite a song to fit our writer lifestyles. Today, I have a rendition of Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. Maybe not my best work, but amusing nonetheless and it has a bad@$$ beat, am I right? Dear Foreigner, please don't sue me. All you'll get is whatever's at the bottom of my purse, which includes some change, cookie crumbs, and a comb I found in the Walmart parking lot.

No plug-in in sight
Dead battery on the Nook
Couldn't get a copy
it was a sold out book

Heard the roar in the line
She pictured the scene
Put her head to the wall
Then like a distant dream
She heard one fan beam
About the prose
Just made her day.

Saw text in her eyes
and the very next day
Bought a used lap top from a pawn store.

Didn't know how to write it
but she knew for sure
that keyboard
felt strong in her hands
Didn't take her long and
Just a few key strokes
She had a novel in the works
Just one laptop
And she had to go.
She started writing and never gonna stop.

She gotta keep writin'
Someday she's gonna make it to the top.

And be a Kindle Hero
With stars in her eyes
Be a Kindle Hero
She took one key board, stars in here eyes.
Kindle hero she'll come out tonight.

In a cafe without a name
No plug-in in sight,
She writes another sentences
writing by screenlight.
Like a trip to the stars
to that night in the line

And that one laptop made her whole world change.
Now she's gotta keep writing, she just can't stop.
Gotte keep writing, she's got to be on top.

And be a Kindle Hero got text in her eyes
She's a Kindle Hero got text in her eyes.
Kindle Hero got text in her eyes.
With that one laptop, the whole world came alive.

Be on top tonight
She started writing
Ain't never gonna stop.

Gotta keep on writing.
Someday she'd gonna be on top.

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