Monday, March 4, 2013

My News!

Okay, I wasn't planning this but ... I'm elated so I wanted to share. Today I got an e-mail from my publisher with the happy news that my paranormal romance, "Matching Wits With Venus", is now available as an audio book! Suddenly I'm smitten with the idea of people on car trips listening to my story as they roll past diners and sand dunes, oblivious to anything but my little tale ....

Funny but hearing someone else read my work has had a surprising effect on me. The story no longer belongs to me - the narrator has made it her own, with her inflections, her accent, even her decision about how to pronounce the surname I'd made up for my protagonist. All over again I'm reminded of how we really don't own the interpretation of our work once we send it out into the world.

Maybe my comfort with letting go is why I do not stress submissions - I often have to remind myself that I have a poem or piece of short fiction out there floating around in that gray zone between reading, acceptance and rejection.

How about you? Are you able to give your work the hands off treatment once you've released it into the world? Or do you prefer the helicopter parenting style? If so, why?

I hope the month of March has been off to an excellent start for you, and that you too receive a bit of unexpected happy news over the next several weeks. And if you're in the mood for a good road trip book, especially if you want to celebrate the start of spring with Cupid, please give my audiobook a listen ....

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