Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bringing a Book to Life

When you read a book, don't you want to be completely submerged in the story? I know I do.  I love a heartwarming romance, especially.  With Baby Stetson, I watched my hero change from a man who turned off all of his emotions, other than anger. Kind of jaded. Well, okay....more than kind of. You see, Lucas Bennett, Baby Stetson's hero, didn't have the best past. He's always been a loner, having to fend for himself.  The last thing he expected when his job lead him to Harmony's Echo was to fall for Avery.

Lucas and Avery have a connection that's deeper than just physical attraction. I loved writing about their relationship.  I love that Lucas learned to open himself up to Avery, even if it was slowly.  I felt just as torn as Lucas when secrets keep him from fully opening up to Avery.  This book has wrought out quite a few different emotions. I worried at first, that readers may not connect with Baby Stetson they way they had with The Secret Santa Wishing Well. I don't feel that way anymore. I think you will be happy to know you can expect the same type of experience for both books, this time with  Baby Stetson, it's a full length novel! Almost 100k.

Creating the cover helped to enhance the book even more. I know that the cover fits the story well. That's what I love about having full input on covers.

If it's wrong to have huge fictional crushes on your heroes, well, then I'll take being wrong because Lucas has stolen my heart! (and my husband is okay with this because he says he's the one I sleep with at night, not Lucas. LOL)

I can't wait to share my book with the world. I'm feeling great today. I love that I have the freedom to do this- to write, to create stories that readers can fall in love with and read over and over again. I feel a sense of accomplishment, because there is a lot that goes on in my life, but I'm able to sit down and let the words flow. Never has it come so strong, and I can sit back a little and marvel and my progress.

I hope readers will love Baby Stetson just as much as I do. And there isn't that long of a wait, I promise.

I leave you with this. The Baby Stetson cover!

Thanks for listening to my rambling today!

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