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An artistic approach to market your novels using the very characters you’ve created~
There are many ways your characters can work to promote your novels. One of my favorite marketing tools is doing live photo-shoots. And yes—it can be done at minimal cost. The first step is deciding which characters you want to literally—bring to life. After doing quite a few, I find the heroines much easier to cast. You would be surprised how many of your female friends or their daughters will volunteer—loving the idea.
Next you need to pick a setting location, which mirrors your novel's theme.  Since I write paranormal romance, my local park at dusk serves perfectly. And one who loves that old world flair, hotels decorated in a vintage style totally set the mood. As do historic places or buildings. The advantage of using a hotel is it can stir quite a buzz, especially if you schedule a shoot during their off season. The reason being most businesses usually embrace an event which will provide them free publicity.
Once you have chosen the site and characters, you can then begin preparing for your upcoming photo shoot.
First, agree on a date and time, which works for all involved.
Next choose the costume attire. Your local thrift stores sell an array of formalwear, casual-wear and costumes in every imaginable size starting at very reasonable prices.
Then decide who will be your photographer. With the advanced technology in digital cameras—anyone with a steady hand is capable of shooting awesome pictures. Once you add some effects with a Photoshop program—trust me; you will be amazed at the results!
And one can’t forget about make-up and hair. There are many options to choose from in this area. You can pitch the idea to your personal hairdresser, intriguing the opportunity by posting their work in the credits which in turn gives them an opportunity to acquire new clients. You could also visit your local Beauty Academy or College Theatrical Department. Most students will jump at the chance to show off their talents. 
Advertisement~ this option is to your choosing. If you are fully comfortable with all aspects of your upcoming shoot invite your fans to attend. Post your event two weeks in advance by way of e-mail, social networking, and flyers.  Remember to include your local libraries. I was a bit amazed at how many individuals still use this method to fulfill their reading pleasures.
Marketing~ prior to the event have plenty of material to promote your upcoming novel.  I prefer laminated bookmarks and 4x4 announcement cards. In addition bring copies of your currently released novel and felt-tip pen. This is a great avenue to give away autographed copies of your work.
If you are not ready to invite your fans, here is another option. Whether you choose a community park, hotel or beach setting let people passing by—know what is going on. This can be easily done by using real-estate signs stating a simple to the point phrase, ‘Photo-shoot in Session’.  Your signs can be purchased at any print shop. Or you can create them with your computer and supplies from a local craft/art store.                                                       
I choose to print a copy of my novel's actual cover image, and use it as a shadowy backdrop. Since this will surely get the publics' attention you want to be prepared. Have a spoke-person near by, ready to hand out promo information if they are interested. 
After the shoot is wrapped up, view all pictures and choose your favorites. Remember to get your models’ input also. Once satisfied with your promo-shoot  post your pictured event on your social-networking sites. The results I’ve encountered, your fans will long to meet your characters in person and mentally mark your novels as a read.

Thank you for reading my November blog post. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need help on planning a photo-shoot of your own.  
If you would like to view some of the pictures from my shoots here is the link ~

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