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Scariest SyFy Villain

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My scariest sci-fi villain: Captain Kavak - by Vijaya Schartz

“Captain Kavak certainly ranks as one of the worst villains ever encountered!” Debbie - CK2kwipsandkritiques. Reviewers often mention my villains. I like them evil, intelligent, dangerous, and downright scary. But there is romance in my stories as well. I also write strong heroines, especially in science fiction, where I often make them warriors.

Captain Kavak is a recurring villain in the three novels of my ANCIENT ENEMY series, that includes:
Book One - ANAZ-VOOHRI,  
Book Two - RELICS,
Book Three - KICKING BOTS,

But let’s talk villains. Captain Kavak is a woman and a general. Her ancestors were once human, Anasazi taken to the stars by the Star People eight hundred years ago (according to Native American legends). The Anasazi were feared warriors, their name means “ancient enemy,” according to my Native American sources, and after many modifications in the Pleiades system, they still are a bloodthirsty lot. But now they are part flesh part machine, and they call themselves Anaz-voohri. After slaughtering their captors and stealing their technology, they are coming to reclaim the planet of their ancestors... Earth.

Kavak is ruthless. To enforce her authority, she sacrifices her opponents from the top of a pyramid. She hates the inferior humans. She wants to make Earth the Anaz-voohri home base, from which to build a fleet and launch her conquest of the entire galaxy. Unfortunately for her, her people and her fleet have been decimated in too many bloody battles, and she needs human breeders to birth her new army.

There is much more to the story, of course. Kavak’s plan includes the abduction of little girls for an evil purpose. Below these links is the first scene of Chapter One of the first book, ANAZ-VOOHRI. It’s Zack’s first brief encounter with Captain Kavak. At the time, he is a teenager. Then the story skips a few years.

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            Zack woke up with a start, unable to see anything. Anything at all. Had the power gone out? A subtle vibration permeated the house. Earthquake? No. Earthquakes didn’t make the walls sing.
            Something was wrong. With no glow from the digital clock or from his computer screen, Zack tossed his blanket aside and felt his way to the window. He pulled up the black roman shade and lifted the glass pane. The sweet fragrance of roses from the front yard filled the room.  As he craned his neck outside, the second story view revealed a full moon but no street lights in the whole residential area of Granada Hills. Had all of Los Angeles blacked out?
            Outside, the strong vibration shook the foliage of the eucalyptus trees. As far as Zack could see, the streets and houses looked dark and quiet. Too dark, too quiet, with no breeze, no birds, not even the chirp of a cricket.
            Moonlight filtering into the room illuminated the life size poster of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. As the vibration intensified, something familiar tugged at Zack’s mind. Ashley?  His baby sister screeched for help in his head! She was terrified.
            Rushing out of the bedroom, Zack stumbled over his sneakers and stepped into the ink black hallway. The vibration shook the hardwood under his bare feet. The smell of burnt rubber or heated machinery assaulted his nostrils. How weird!
            Feeling his way along the wall, Zack turned the corner and saw an outline of white radiance around Ashley’s door. He’d left it ajar last night.
            Wearing only his boxers and tee shirt, he shivered when a malevolent breeze coursed across his skin, as if to keep him away. Was he dreaming? He bit his lip. It hurt, and the coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. Wide awake! His heart beat so hard, it threatened to explode.
            Outside Ashley’s door, their Persian cat arched his back and hissed, spooked. His bristled tail rose straight up in the air, sparking with static electricity.
            “What’s going on in there, Dude?” Zack whispered, his heart faltering. He swallowed on a dry throat, remembering the horror movies he used to enjoy watching. But this was no movie, and he couldn’t stand the thought of his baby sister in any danger.
            Zack moved sluggishly, like through water with weights on his ankles. Had the air become dense? Had he landed in the middle of a strange videogame? Finally he pushed the door open. Blinded by bright light, Zack stood paralyzed. He struggled to step inside, to no avail. His legs refused to move.
            Unable to scream his frustration, he remained frozen in the doorway, immobilized by a strange force that controlled his body. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, the unobstructed view of his sister’s room chilled his spine.
            Bent over the bed, a tall creature of humanoid proportions hovered above the floor, wearing a long, shimmering cape that accentuated its square shoulders. Seven year old Ashley, her blue eyes wide with terror, blonde curls framing her tan face, clutched her favorite Barbie Doll, her mouth open in a silent wail.
            Get away from my sister, you freak! No word came out of Zack’s mouth.
            The creature turned to face Zack. Under the hood, the bald skull glowed from within, blue, pink and green, like a see through phone. The face had large oval eyes, milky skin, elongated cheeks, and a straight thin mouth etched with grim determination.
            Hang on, Ashley, I’m coming. When Zack attempted to rush the creature, his feet stuck to the floor. He struggled to yell but his vocal cords remained mute. He wanted to break the freak’s skull, bloody the monster’s small nose, make it feel pain. What did this thing want with his baby sister?
            The creature turned its attention to a small device it held in spidery fingers. The bright light shrunk to a wide oblique beam that angled out through the gaping window. Beyond it, an ominous shadow hung above the house. The vibration emanated from it. Zack couldn’t believe what he saw. A spacecraft?
            Howling inside, but unable to intervene, Zack watched as the creature lifted his frightened sister from the bed. Ashley didn’t protest when the monster wrenched the Barbie doll from her grip and threw it back on the blanket. Then the monster stepped into the beam of light and floated out the window with its prize. The paralyzing hold ebbed. Zack staggered into the room toward the window. He wanted to call for help but his throat still refused to make any sound.
            As Zack stepped after them into the beam of light, the creature had almost reached the waiting craft. The alien pointed a small device at Zack. The shot sizzled and shook him like an electroshock. Zack’s legs buckled from the pain. He hit the plush pink rug and darkness engulfed him.

Happy Reading.

Vijaya Schartz
Romance with a Kick


Ray said...

I enjoyed all three books. It has been a while since I read the first book. I just recently finished the second and third. Both Celene (second book) and Melissa (third book) are the kind of strong women Vijaya describes in the blog. In fact strong and intelligent does not do justice to these superior women.

If you haven't read the series you are really missing something.

Mary Marvella said...

Your series sounds exciting. Wouldn't want to meet that creature!