Sunday, October 7, 2012

I never guessed that watching and walking could get me in so much trouble.

As writers we work hard to perfect our craft. We work long hours in front of the computer. Scribbling on dozens of legal pads, paper napkins and whatever is available when we get a great story idea pop in our head. 

We struggle with verbs, comma’s, formatting and glitches that our word program likes to throw at us. After hours agonizing over our baby we finally get to the point where we can type “The End”.
We celebrate our accomplishment and after editing, and re-reading we are finally done, ready to send it off. Or so I thought mine was.  When I got my first publishing contract I was delirious. This was it, I was a writer and my book would be in stores soon. Then the editing started. My editing rounds have been pretty smooth, so far. But I was amazed at how much trouble, and how much work, watching and walking have caused me.
We all know the number one thing that will ruin a story is too much telling and not enough showing. 

                                                           My descriptive self. : )

I took the workshops and had a pretty good understanding but those two little words made their way back into my story. In a 281 page novel that’s a lot of walking and watching.  So I am now in the process of fixing my telling. Have you ever had a word, or two that crept into your story making your editing a nightmare? Let’s make a list, I’ll start.
1       1. Watching
2     2. Walking
So what will number three be?

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