Tuesday, October 23, 2012


1)      She must be strong. The heroine of a paranormal romance must have both inner and outer strength. She can't cower when problems arise, but must confront fears with the attitude that nothing will defeat her. She may possess her own paranormal abilities or characteristics, such as fangs, fur, or claws, but she should be judicious in her violence. In Tasting Camilla, the secondary heroine Elise is a female vampire who isn't afraid to confront a vampire hunter in his own home. Moreover, she desires him sexually and shows him just how much when she gets him alone. Poor man dropped his beer because of her. Haha

2)      She must be wise. She must see beyond the hero's surliness and distinguish the weaknesses he's trying to protect. Every male has weaknesses, and it's up to a woman not to take advantage of these weaknesses but to support the man in learning to strengthen these short comings.

3)      She must be a loving person. Sometimes a heroine's heart needs to be opened like a flower blossoming after a rainstorm, and other times she's damaged and must learn to trust again. Either way, her ability to love must be unquestionable, even if at the time she's unattainable. In the novella, Love's Demon Ways, Alexine has a broken heart but Ren recognizes that she's a woman with great potential to love the right man.  Even if that man happens to be half sex demon.

4)      She must accept change. No one particularly likes change because it interrupts the rhythm we set for our lives, but a paranormal heroine knows her like can't stay the same. Heroine, Linea Kamiya of Dhampir Passions, knew that her transition into a vampire would be life altering, but in order to move to the future she accepted this change. Nothing in life stays the same, but nothing is more annoying than a heroine afraid of moving forward and living.

There are the basics of writing great paranormal heroines. Notice anything? Yes, these are all characteristics that we as women need in our own lives. Does this mean to we'd make a good mate to a paranormal hero? Well, I don't mind a man nibbling on my neck a little. How about you? *wink*
What other characteristics do you love in a paranormal heroine?
Mary Corrales

Mary is a multi-published erotic romance author who love to walk on the dark side with heroes that are almost too delicious for words. Chat with her on twitter or follow her new blog to keep up with her latest releases.


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