Monday, July 23, 2012

Conduct Yourself as a Successful Bestselling Author to Protect Your Career

What sort of behavior am I talking about? I'm talking about author etiquette. This may be simple but you'd be surprised by how many authors forget their manners. Being taken seriously means rising above anything bad or insulting that comes your way. You can rant and cry in private but never do such online. Your professional persona is the difference between lasting success and a one-shot wonder.

What about bad reviews, you ask? If an author has solicited a review themselves from a site, then remember to thank the reviewer, regardless of a one or five star review. Neither type of review will make or break your career, so comport yourself with the dignity expected of you as a published professional. Think of your favorite author, do they complain about bad review? No. We've all had those reviews. Feel the pain, but don't let one person's opinion break you. Eat some chocolate, indulge in ice cream, punch a wall or whatever, and then get back to that Work in Progress and write!
Having an issue with your publisher? Any author will tell you that complaining about your publisher online is a death sentence for your career. At least it is if you mention the publisher by name. What should you do? First take a deep breath and evaluate the issue with a dispassionate view. Speak with a trust author friend. They might offer a more objective view. Above all, remember that writing is a career.
You are the CEO of your own future and need look further in the future than the moment. What are your ten, twenty, and thirty year goals when thinking of your career as an author? Remember the publisher want a successful book as well as you do, because that is the only way they make money. So, keep those lines of communication open with your publisher and you'll both be happier in the end.
Authors with successful careers are the epitome of grace and self-confidence. They are charming and witty without tearing others down. Women like Jackie Collins are the embodiment of this sort of romance author; graceful, stylish, sophisticated and flirty. She's intelligent and has a true mind for the business of romance writing. She's a role model for us all.    
On our journey to become bestselling and/or millionaire authors, we should develop these traits in order to bring about the success we are striving toward. The publishing world is full of ups and downs. We walk through this fire each time a new book comes out. Conduct yourself with traits worthy of a successful author and see how much easier it becomes to handle adversity.

Mary Corrales


Kari Thomas said...

SO TRUE and well said, Mary! I hope everyone pays attention!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Mary Corrales said...

Thanks, Kari. It's just something that concerns me and I wanted to share my thoughts. :)