Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mother's Day Blowout continues with The Mother's Day Hangover

The Mother's Day Hangover by Casea Major

What do you do after the cards are opened and brunch is consumed?
Since becoming a mother almost six years ago, it's been my tradition to "take the day off". To relax and do what I like. Mother's Day is a day when I can defer to my wonderful husband.

Sometimes I drink mimosas, other times diet coke but I never, ever, ever eat chicken nuggets or any kind of derivative. Battered and fried little chunks of chicken should not be a part of any Mother's Day Celebration.
So yesterday, we grilled pork chops and do you know what? The kids survived on it. They didn't kill over like they claimed or we thought they might. They lived. And how do I know they lived?

It's Monday morning and no matter how grateful they were on Sunday with their little handmade projects, there is still laundry to be washed and dishes to be cleaned. Their little clothes are strewn from hither to yon. Last night's bath towels lay in a damp heap in the bathroom and both toilets remain unflushed (but none of the little darlings will claim responsibility) until I or my husband do it. I step on a Leggo piece that threatens to imbed itself in the arch of my bare foot and every light in the house is on—including the one in the refrigerator because the door is standing wide-open.
Yes - Everything is back to normal. Which pretty much translates to cluttered and chaotic. What a happy time it is.

Happy Mother's Day every day because that's when the work gets done.

Tabby's Mother's Day Blowout is still going strong and you still have a chance to win 80 Ebooks.

I am participating by giving away one of my backlist. Winner's choice.


Kate Allenton said...

Goodness, I couldn't find a place to add to this, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place. I just wanted all of your fans and friends to know

Tabitha Blake,
It isn't very often when you find someone to rely on, that is there for them whenever you need them and with writing it is the same. Tabitha has been that person for me. I can trust her to tell me like it is, let me cry on her shoulder if need be and I look to her for encouragement when the chips are down.

She's helped my writing tremendously and she's helped me grow as a writer.

As my thanks to you, I've blitzed you, Tabitha Blake.

You can read about it here. Essentially it is my Random Act of Kindness and you are the recipient that I've chose :)

I've emailed you privately about what you will receive from me.

Author Nikki Prince said...

Hope all the Mother's had a wonderful day yesterday. I did with my two. I relaxed, watched tv, wrote and did more relaxing.

Now back to it is right. I am exercising as i type then will be getting everyone up. Thanks for the contest.

Jenna said...

My Mother's Day is always hectic--I have school graduation in the morning so we celebrate with a late lunch early dinner. Still haven't recovered from all the food! I get to go to my favorite restaurant once each year and make the most of it! :) Casea, your celebration sounds like ours when the girls were little. And the morning after is still the same as your, even though they are little no more! Great post! And Happy Mother's Every Day!

Nikki said...

Well said, Casea! :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday. And for us Momma's, it's back to the normal daily grind today! Gotta love life :)

Daryl Devore said...

I took the day off and didn't do the job I hate most - dishes - mind you nobody else did either - so I spent 1/2 this morning cleaning up the kitchen! Sigh.

Kate Richards said...

We had such a good time with you at Epicon. Every mom needs a break. I'm not a mom...but I have incredible respect for all of you who cook, clean and otherwise follow the little people every minute of every day. Glad your day was great and nobody died from lack of nuggets.

D'Ann said...

LOL. I have one kid, now grown. I don't know how moms with more do it. Kudos to you!

Melissa Limoges said...

Hope you ladies enjoyed your day. I think my mom liked her pretty well. I cooked for her and even cleaned the kitchen afterwards as well. :)

Sheri Fredricks said...

Laughed my way through your blog, Casea! I just stepped on a bleepin' Lego tonight. The floor in front of the toilet was wet - please God, let it be splashed bath water I stepped in.

Great post - as usual.

lisagkendall said...

My kids are grown and I still step on things they leave in the floor. It's like they booby trap whatever room I'm trying to enter.
Thanks for the post and for participating in the contest. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jennifer Fulford, Novelist said...

Legos are evil. Smiled reading this post.

Brenda said...

Legos are evil--so are little dinky cars. I've stepped on my share, lol.

Loved your post!

Michelle V said...

Yes, Legos are definitely from Satan! I can definitely relate, but as a single mom I don't even really get the day. There's a brief moment in the morning where they give me their cards and gifts, and then....that's it! It's over. LOL. Or, perhaps I just have really bad kids. lol

Michelle V

Lisa Kumar said...

Great post, Casea! I hate how those Legos bit you in the foot! And according my kid, those little pieces jump out of the box by themselves. So they're also haunted, lol.

Martha Ramirez said...

Hope you had a HAPPY Mother's Day!! You are so right. Gotta love those Legos!