Sunday, March 4, 2012

Duckie's Contest Update

Here are some upcoming contests/conferences that you may be interested in. But instead of giving you each individual link, and taking up a whole lotta space, I'm going to give you links to pages that list many contests. How does that sound?

As always, the RWA site is a bevy of info. But if you're not familiar with the site, check out the conferences/events page, more specifically the chapter programs link. There's a ton of upcoming contests for you to consider. Some for pubbed authors only, some open to all. Also check out the contests/awards page. There they have links to the RITA and GOLDEN HEART Awards.

I came across another site Stephie Smith. She has created a lovely chart with a ton of contests. There are a few that overlap with the RWA contests, but keep scrolling down because there's more. Some offer cash prizes, others, engraved bookmarks. Not all the listed contests are in the paranormal/romance genre. So, if you're thinking about stretching you writing skills this site is a good start to find other places to submit those ditties you've been chewing on.

Savvy Authors is also a great place to find, not only contests, but workshops, courses, pitch sessions and so much more. It's free to sign-up, and some of their offerings are free as well. Click on the workshops, contests/events, and resources pages to find a goldmine of information.

And because I'm a loud and proud canuck, I can't be forgetting my home and native land. And there are few of us lurking about on this site. The folks over at Canadian Author's Association have complied a list of contests that are specific to our region of the world.

Well, I think that's enough for you to be nicely overwhelmed. Again, if you know of any up coming contests/events/conference etc, email me at duckiesmail(at)gmail(dot)com

What will you be entering?



Brenda said...

Cool! Thanks for the list. I'm not much for contests, but I may try another when I finish my second book.

Duckie said...

If I ever finish my MS I think I might go this route...there's a lot out there...