Friday, February 10, 2012

From My Laptop to The Big, Scary World

Guess what today is? No, it's not a holiday, it's not the anniversary of anything (that I know of, boy, now I've got me worried too), it's not my birthday so you didn't have to get me anything, although I never turn down presents.

It's release day.

It's a combination of woohoo, I did it! and Holy cow, did I just push 'publish'--wait!

It's oh, man I think I'm gonna puke vs. I wanna shout it from the rooftops.

It's look, I have a new puppy against it's a monster that must be hidden in the closet.

 The irony in this is that The Treasure Hunter's Lady was supposed to come out on February 10th when it sold to a publisher (that crashed and burned a mere 23 days after opening its doors). Mortified that I'd announced to the world that THL was coming, I put on my big girl undies and said, "You know what? THL is coming to the world. I promised February 10th, I will deliver February 10th."

And I have. Countless hours of editing, learning the formatting, of arranging photos and trying out text colors to make a cover I wouldn't be ashamed to show around. Hours of ignoring my family, missing meals and probably damaging my eyeballs. But it's something I wanted so bad, I'd fight tooth and nail for.

I'm proud to say: I did it myself. With the help of awesome beta readers on the editing, of course. You guys rock! I feel for real publishing companies that do all this work. Or maybe I don't, I mean, they have a team and no single person takes care of everything. I worked hard. I freakin' deserve a vacation. (Isn't this the most professional promo you've ever read?)

Since that doesn't look like it's going to be happening any time soon, instead I'll give you a little vacation. Into the steampunk romance-y world that I've been buried in for the last year.

Romy Farrington seems to have the perfect life—a world-famous archeologist father and upcoming marriage to a wealthy businessman. But to Romy, her new life in the city is a punishment.

For years, she traveled the world at her father's side, exploring new lands and uncovering ancient secrets. It was everything she ever wanted, until a near-fatal encounter with hostile natives forced her and her father into a life of retirement in Boston and an undesired advance into proper society.

Everything changes again when she's saved from an accident by a brash Texan in a back alley. Abel Courte may act like a care-free cowboy, but he's harboring a secret—he's searching for the Diamond of Uktena, a legendary jewel that can cure any disease known to man. He needs information Romy's father has in order to get to the jewel. When he traces the origin of the Diamond to Dakota Territory, he sets off to claim the treasure, only to find the archeologist's fiery redheaded daughter stuck to him like a bug in sap.

In a race against time, Romy and Abel must learn to trust each other as they undertake a cross-country journey that will expose them to lands uncharted by white men, a deadly battle against the fearsome creature in possession of the Diamond and a fight to return to civilization where they might make the greatest discovery of all—love.

And an excerpt:
Romy’s eyes locked on Abel's necklace. “What's that around your neck? A fossil of some sort?” 
His hand flew to the pendant and stuffed it back down his collar. “Nothing.” 
“As someone who's seen a lot of nothing, I can tell you without a doubt it's something. Full of secrets, aren't we, Abel?” Blue eyes widened then narrowed, as she looked between him and the maps he'd lifted out of the drawer. Her coyness fell away like leaves in the fall. “You're a treasure hunter. You found out that Papa is going to search for the Diamond of Uktena, but you plan to steal it first.” 
“Why would I want to steal a—” He gave up the pretense. “First of all, it isn't stealing if it isn't in anyone's possession. Second, I'm not a treasure hunter.” 
“It is stealing if you're going to sell a priceless artifact to the highest bidder on the black market.” 
Abel frowned. “I don't need a lecture from some little chit whose daddy is the biggest treasure hunter in the world.” 
Romy poked a finger into his chest. “Take it back. He's an archeologist and an adventurer. When he finds valuables he turns them over to the proper authorities.” 
He pushed her finger away. “I'll bet you a thousand dollars he's not going to do it this time.” 
Her eyes narrowed into slits, half-hidden behind a thick fringe of lashes. “You're wrong.” 
“It would be the biggest discovery of our time. Of any time. It's no mere gem, no ornament to put on a shelf.” 
“I have some knowledge of the Diamond,” she defended. 
The admission was too nonchalant. Had mere curiosity led her to follow him? He patted the fang inside his shirt. “I doubt anyone could put a price on its worth, but there are those willing to try.” 
She stared at him dubiously. “Because it's supposed to come from a mythical serpent?” 
He debated telling her. It wouldn't benefit Romy to know what he was doing. After tonight it was unlikely he'd see her again. 
“Ask your father. He might know more than I do. I have to leave now. I'd appreciate it if you kept our little rendezvous quiet.” 
He snatched up the papers, flashed a grin and started for the door. The rustle of skirts alerted him that she was right behind him, but he didn't slow down. Not until a cold metal barrel pressed against the center of his neck. 
“Stay where you are.” Romy's voice was hard and all business. 
Abel raised his hands. She drew the gun back and came around to face him. The pistol was no little thing, not the type a dainty female would carry for protection. Romy was a woman of many facets, like the fabled Diamond. 
“I can't give you the fang.” 
“I have the feeling it's an intricate detail in your mission, Mr. Courte.” 
He sighed. “I don't know for certain.”“Tell me what you do know.”“The fang is solid proof that Uktena exists.” 
She frowned. “And who is Uktena exactly?”
“Uktena isn't your typical serpent. Rumor has it that this sparkly rock stuck in its forehead can bring power and riches to whoever wields it. Better still, the Diamond cures illnesses. Any disease you can think of.”
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Brenda said...

Allison, I'm so excited and happy for you--and me 'cause I get to have Treasure Hunter's Lady on my Kindle finally.

Congratulations. I can hardly wait until this book is made into a movie!

Allison Merritt said...

You crack me up. We better go in baby steps before we start making movies. Hey, I bet I could do it would Barbie dolls though on my video camera. I did a version of The Scarlet Letter that way. It was, um, well, thank God that video is lost. :D

Brenda said...

LOL, hey, I'm thinking big!

Barbara said...

Hi Allison, I'm so glad THL's out now. You journey has been challenging but, wow, the result will be worth it. Good Going.

Barbara said...

Hi Allison, I'm so glad THL's out now. You journey has been challenging but, wow, the result will be worth it. Good Going.

Barbara said...

I have no idea why that posted twice. Sorry, ladies LOL BUT, I can add a comment and say--super blog!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Congratulations on your launch! What a scary and exciting time for you. I wish you all the best - enjoy the moment!!