Monday, January 30, 2012

A "Wicked" Bit of Pirate Talk

My latest title, Get Branded, a contemporary story, releases on February 1st at Cobblestone Press. It's a light-hearted, hot, quick read for Cobblestone's "Wicked Line". Part of the plot includes a steamy balcony scene involving pirate-y role-playing banter between the main characters, Declan and Christy. Yes, it's cheesy, but very, very sexy.

So, here's a list of pirate words and phrases that I incorporated into the story with a few extra words thrown in just because they're so colorful and fun. You can read more about pirate talk at .

Pirate Lingo:

Ahoy - Hello!
Avast - Stop and check it out! No way! Stop what you're doing.
Aye - Yes. Of course. Certainly. I agree.
Aye aye - Absolutely, sir. Right away, sir.
Arrrr - ubiquitious response to any situation; Use when in doubt what to say or just to contribute to the conversation
Bear the colors - carry (show) the pirate ship's flag as a sign of ownership
Belay - ignore as in 'Belay that last command'; or to tie something down
Bilge rat - an insulting name given by a pirate
Blimey - Shucks! Darn! (or stronger expletive)
Broadside - a ship inperpendicular position to another ship or a hit with a cannon to the main part of a ship
Buccaneer - general term for pirate
Bucko - friend-as in 'Me bucko!'
Carouser - one who engages in riotous drinking and merry-making
Cat 'o nine tails - a whip with nine lashes used for flogging
Chantey (chanty, shantey, shanty) - song sung by sailors to the rhythm of their movements while working
Clipper - fast-moving ship
Dance the hempen jig  -to hang
Davy Jones' Locker - fictional place at the bottom of the ocean; euphemism for 'death'
Dead Men Tell No Tales - leave no survivors
Fire in the hole - warning prior to firing a cannon
Gangplank - a removable ramp footway between ship and pier
Hearties - term for fellowship among sailors; 'Me hearties'
Heave to - come to a halt; 'Pull along side and heave to'
Jack Tar (or tar) - sailor
Jolly Roger - pirate flag with skull-and-crossbones; invitation to surrender
Lass - younger female; Bonny lass: pretty girl
Loaded to the gunwalls - to be drunk
Maroon - abandon a person on a deserted coast or island with few, if any, supplies
Matey - cheerful pirate address to someone
Me - my
Mutiny - to rise against authority, especially the captain of the ship
No quarter  -no mercy
Pieces of Eight - Spanish silver coins worth one peso or reale
Pillage - to rob of goods by force
Plunder - to take booty
Pull into port - pirate ship making a stop at a port
Press into service - force someone into service against their will on a pirate ship
Rapscallion - scoundrel
Scallywag - a villainous or mischievous person
Scury dog - mean and contemptible; usually expressed with loud and derogatory voice inflection
Shiver me timbers - expression of surprise or strong emotion
Strumpet - a promiscious woman
Walk the plank - being forced off a pirate ship as punishment or torture
Wench - a derogatory term for a young woman or peasant girl
Ye - you
Yer - your
Yo-ho-ho - generic pirate exclamation

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