Friday, January 13, 2012

Thinking of You

As I was driving to my job today... thoughts of you appeared.

I wonder what your doing so many miles from here...

While sitting at my desk today...a certain scent came through...and I was reminded of 

how it used to be... 

and the love we use to share.

My mind began to wander and recall so many things...

Oh so many memories....a sweet and tender kiss...a hug from you that sent me into a 

whole new bliss.
And now my day is over, and as I drive for home.

I wonder if you think of me...the way I think of you...

I will go home tonight and dream of you again.

I'll wish that I could hold you in my arms just one more time.

Cause true love's always growing and never seems to die.

I'll say good by to you my love....I'll see you by and by...

As I close my eyes tonight...It's you that I'll hold tight.

Poetry By Patsy Anne

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Mirriam Smyth said...

Wow. This is a beautiful poem, Tabitha. I'm so glad I stopped by and browsed your blog today. :)

I left something for you on my blog. Check it out: