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Writing about the Seasons

Until I was asked to write on this topic I had no idea I did it. But I do. So…

I have two stories set at Christmas. One is a short MM story about two men who meet while rehearsing for a Christmas musical presentation (“Noticing Nigel”). Most of the action takes place inside, but there is mention that it’s cold, but fine, when they leave the conference center for lunch.
The other story, also an MM, (“Perfectly Presented”) involves shopping for gifts for disadvantaged children. The weather is very cold, but not snowing.

I have one story set at midsummer (“Turning Up the Heat”). The hot weather is very much part of the plot of that story, and the fact that an air-conditioner is running all day. I have another story set on summer vacation at the beach (“Summer Sizzle”). The heat is not mentioned, but they swim, so it’s obviously not cool.

But all the rest of my books? I confess the weather is usually fine if the characters are outdoors. It may not be warm, but it’s not too cold to go walking, and it never seems to snow.

Clearly I’m missing some of the seasons. I obviously need to think of the possibilities of what characters could do on a cold, snowy day. Likely, they wouldn’t be shoveling the walk!

I do use the scents of being outdoors. The sweet smell of flowers, the scent of barbecue wafting across the air, and the refreshing sensation of a cool breeze on sweaty skin after some hot outdoor sex.

In a Halloween story (“Dogged Pursuit”) the characters are under the trees down by the river in the evening. The season there is important, as it adds a sharp edge of expectation to the story. The “what if” factor.
In different books my characters go hiking, or just for a walk. They climb sand dunes and hills, They swim at the beach. In one story a character with a broken leg does rehabilitation exercises at a local swimming pool (“Rose’s Renaissance”). In another book the two heroes actually meet at a swimming pool (“Fire and Light”).

I love plants, flowers, gardens, so several of my books are set around those features. In one the triad goes on vacation to a resort (“Double Satisfaction”). In another they work at a botanical garden (“Blooming Love”). In “Rock Hard”, the action of most of the story is set in the gardens.

“Burning For You” is a little different. The romance starts on the fire stairs in the corporate building where Blair, Kurt and Alex all work. During a fire drill.

“Burning For You” blurb.

Blair, Alex, and Kurt meet in the stairwell of their office building during a fire drill. They go to Kurt’s condo to soak their aching muscles in hot tub. The building may not be burning, but they are, for each other. After a wild night of sex, Kurt, Alex and Blair want to spend all their free time together. Alex hates his job, and wants to leave. The three want to move in together. So many decisions to make. And what was the point behind the fire drill anyway?

If you are not 18 please leave now.

"Mmm," she murmured. His lips were very soft and hot, dropping feather-light touches on her skin.
He turned her head to the side and licked the shell of her ear, flicking his tongue inside before sucking on the earlobe.
"God, that's hot."
"I'm glad you like it."
He moved his head lower, cupped a breast with one hand, and sucked the nipple into his mouth. She arched up, pressing her breast deeper into his mouth, and his arm wrapped around her back to tease up and down her spine. He sucked her nipple deep and scraped his teeth across it, causing a spark of need to flare directly from her breast to her core.
With his body pressed against hers, she could feel him responding to Alex's finger in his ass. Or possibly fingers. She couldn't tell exactly what was going on, but she knew Kurt was enjoying it, from the way the tiny hairs on his arms were standing up, and the way he softly hissed in a breath from time to time. Just touching Kurt's body with hers, knowing that Alex was touching Kurt too, was cranking the heat and desire in her up to impossibly high levels.
Kurt licked along the line between her breasts, and she felt his whole body shiver. Daringly she stretched her arm around him and ran her hand over Alex's arm. Oh God, that was sexy.
Kurt raised his head again and took her mouth with his, thrusting his tongue deep inside. She played with his tongue, licking inside his mouth. For long moments their tongues danced furiously together, then Kurt lifted his head.
"I'm ready. If my cock doesn't get inside someone soon, it'll burst."
"We can't let that happen. It'd be a terrible waste," she gasped.
Kurt sat up and rolled the condom Alex handed him down his shaft. Alex did the same thing, before squeezing lube on his condom.
"Ready, Blair?"
"Hell, yes."
With one long, powerful thrust, Kurt slammed into her, his cock spreading her open, dragging along her walls, filling her perfectly, until he was balls deep inside her.

He held quite still, and Blair watched over his shoulder as Alex entered Kurt. She couldn't actually see his cock pushing into Kurt's dark channel, but it was evident as Alex pressed closer and closer to Kurt, and Kurt's body was throbbing over hers.
Then Alex grabbed hold of Kurt, and Kurt held her, and the two men moved together. Every stroke Alex made into Kurt was reflected in the strokes of Kurt into her.

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