Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is abnormal?

What I might consider abnormal, you might not. Or the other way around. We could probably agree on many things that we both believed to be abnormal, but likely not all. One man's abnormal can be someone else's wondeful norm. Change the word to paranormal and it's likely we would agree far more. Just because I've never seen or felt a gost doesn't mean I'd ever ridicule someone who has both seen and felt one. So, yes, I accept there may be ghosts, but I'm not sensitive enough to see or feel any. Vampires? Not dead ones, no, you're either dead or alive. I can , though accept that there might be humans who do, indeed, suck blood. As for undead, well, yes, A human may be legally dead and be brought back to like with modern medicine. I suppose a human that happnd to woulf officially be undead. But no undead vampires. Were-humans? No. Though I'be met a few humans who were worse than any beast, they were still human and did not switch. The Bible mentions angels and demons. I never expect to see either one, but I never argue that there's no such thing as an angel or demon.
Yet for entetainment purposes, I'm perfectly capable of suspending disbelief in writing and reading about many creatures that don't exist. Dragons, for example. I love dragons. If I actually met one I'd be scared stiff, but they're great to read and write about. o two writers created these legendary creatures exactly alike, which makes it even more fun to read about them. And, yes , write about them, too, because I can feel free to depict them in my own way . If they truly don't eist, how can there be "standards" for writing about were-creature or dragons or the undead type of vampire? Logically there shouldn't be, But so much lore has accumulated about some of these fantasy creatures that a writer may upset some readers if she deviates too far from what that person considers the "norm." Nevertheless, the writer is really breaking no rules if she does so. Something to think about.
Back to dragons. Actually my muse is a dragon, a green female who can be quite demanding at times. The only reason she refrains from snorting a bit of fire my way is her respect for not destroying my words. She hasn't yet revealed her name to me, but I expect she will eventually.
So what do I have coming out that's paranormal? Terror From Before, the third book in my Dangerous Darkness Series will be out in January from Red Rose Publishing. What's the paranomal? The Death Bird.
And Taken In, the first book in the Dagon House series will be out then, too. Ghosts! (From Champagne Books) As always all my books have buy links on my website: www.JanwToombs.com
And that's it for tonight. See you again next month. Jane

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