Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Lying, Cheating...Hero?

While browsing for books on Amazon, I’ve come across a few customer discussions that never fail to grab my attention. These discussions sound so delightfully guilty and sinful, I just have to take a look. You may be asking, “What’s she talking about?”

The answer: betrayal of the worst kind, the death knell that makes me hurl a book across the room--a lying, cheating hero, or in some cases (though it seems far rarer), a heroine. To take a look, visit: don't shoot me!!! 2. From there, you can visit the other discussions that spawned this one.

I abhor these kinds of books, yet I stay plastered to the screen reading about them. I guess they speak to the realistic part of me, the part that says fidelity isn’t always a given. It can sneak into even the fantasy that is the romance genre. While romance reading is an escape, there’s a demand from some for hard-hitting reality, and I think the cheating hero fills part of that space. Who can’t name at least one or two people in real life who’ve experienced this sort of betrayal? I’m sure you can, whether you have direct experience or just second-hand knowledge from a close friend or relative.

I’ll readily admit that I like my hero faithful from the moment he knows he has the “hots” for the heroine. But I can see the allure of wrapping up a harsh reality in the fantasy of romance books, all happy endings guaranteed. And that—a happy ending—so often lacking in real life, always awaits us at the end of a romance.


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Ranae Rose said...

I'm one of those readers who hates a cheating hero too. It happens enough in real life...I don't enjoy reading about it in a romance novel. It's pretty much the polar opposite of romantic, in my opinion.

Lisa Kumar said...

Thanks for commenting! A cheating hero does destroy the "mystique" of the romance for me, too. But I still get caught up in those threads, lol. It's like watching a train wreck of emotions. But after thoroughly scouring those discussions, I know which books to avoid.

Casea Major said...

Yep Lisa. Infidelity seems to be the cardinal sin of the hero. But those looking for a thrill can find it in this type of hero. It surpises me that more and more people seem to be looking for the truly 'bad' boy.