Saturday, October 29, 2011


Musings From The Old Bat’s Belfry--HALLOWEEN

I remember all the parties I went to as a child--bobbing for apples, getting blindfolded and having to feel yucky stuff that you were told was worms and spiders after you touched it/
Since I‘m an old bat, that goes way back to the time when there was no trick t or treating . If there wasn’t a party we stole apples off people’s trees, though we didn’t think of it as stealing on Halloween. The boys might do something like put a wheelbarrow on top of someone’s outhouse. Yes, I do go back to the days of outdoor privies, though actually most of us had indoor plumbing by then.
By the time I was in high school, the schools had begun began to hold evening parties on Halloween, so that’s where most of us went.

While larger towns and cities got into the treat or treating earlier, small villages in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, like mine, didn’t until several years after I’d graduated from high school.
After my own kids were old enough to trick or treat, by then I’d
made myself a cape with a black silk lining, which they used inside out as Dracula’s cape.

As an aside, at one time horror shows came on at four o’clock until five, just when I was beginning to think about supper. We lived in a small town in California at the time. My youngest boy, Robert, was not yet in kindergarten and the TV was in the den with a clear view from the kitchen. He liked to be where I was, so he’d be playing with trucks and cars on the kitchen floor while I planned supper and made dessert, at the same time watching the shows. Have to confess I’ve always watched horror shows and many of these were vampire ones with, of course, the vampire as villain.

Well, Halloween came along and my oldest boy, who was a teen by then, was taking his three younger sisters trick or treating. Plus his younger brother--for the first time . So after supper, I let them out the back door. As they started down the driveway, I hear Robert, who was rarely outside after dark, say to his older brother in a normal tone, no sign of fear, “Are the vampires coming out now?”
He’d been watching and listening to those shows right along with me, which I hadn’t been aware of. But it didn’t make him fearful. In fact, when he got older, he was the one who always wanted to be a vampire at Halloween.

Now Robert has a daughter or his own who’s getting close to graduating from high school
As for today--the Viking and I very rarely get trick or treaters because we don’t live in a neighborhood, but across the road from Lake Superior. We do get candy, just in case, but usually wind up eating it ourselves…

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