Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marie Force Trilogy

Do you enjoy romance book series that features a member of a family in each book? To be able to catch up with former heroes and heroines of previous books? I know I've been enjoying these types of books lately, and the newest reads in that category that I've enjoyed are books written by Marie Force. I love Marie's writing. She develops such dynamic characters that are far from perfect, but so real and lovable. Then on top of that, Ms. Force takes situations and throws these characters in the midst of it, therefore creating deep conflict that has each character wondering and making decisions. She's quickly become an auto buy author for me, and I want to share three of her newest stories with you here today.

We start off with Maid for Love, the first of The McCarthys of Gansett Island series. This book features Mac McCarthy. Mac has been away working a high powered job for years, but comes home, needing a break. What does he do but crash into Maddie Chester, a woman working at his family's hotel. Maddie seems to have something against his family, and she's very strong willed and stubborn. Because of the accident, Maddie is unable to work for awhile and Mac steps in to help, since she has a young son. Oh do the fireworks fly in this story with these two! We meet a few other members of the McCarthy family, and get a major glimpse into their world. Maddie and Mac have a lot to overcome if they're going to make their newfound love grow and work.

Then comes Fool For Love. The heroine is Janey McCarthy. She's been in a relationship with the same man for years, and everyone wonders when they are going to get married. He lives off island and wants to wait.

Joe Cantrell has loved Janey secretly for years. Janey doesn't know it, and she sees Joe as a brother. But when he's the only one she feels she can call when something goes wrong, things happen between the two of them that they never expected.

We also get to catch up with Maddie and Mac. They aren't the main characters in this story, but they definitely make an appearance!

Last, (At least hopefully for right now, until other books are written in this series, and I sure hope there are!), but not least, there's Ready For Love. This features Luke Harris, who has been part of the family for years. No, he's not actually 'related” to them, but he's close enough. Luke's old flame Sidney is back after a tragedy, and Luke wants to be there for her. They shared a past long before the accident, and though Sidney isn't ready for love, she leans on Luke for friendship and support. Neither have forgotten the events that tore their relationship apart all those years ago, but both are older and wiser now, and can figure things out. And again, we catch up with other members of the family, and a secondary character finds her own relationship, plus a hint of more things to come?

These books are available on the Kindle for a great price- $2.99 each. Marie writes for Sourcebooks and Carina Press, and has a handful of self published titles not to be missed either. If you enjoy wonderful contemporary romances, then you really should add these books to your TBR piles.


Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

Wonderful review! I really like the book covers and the trilogy sounds good. Unfortunately, I don't have a Kindle yet, but when I do get one I will add these to my library.

Nikki said...

Thanks for stopping by! The covers are beautiful, I'm not sure who designed them, but they are very catchy and colorful. Have a great day!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Nikki! So glad you enjoyed the McCarthys! More to come in that series.