Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beware of Writer!

There was a discussion going on in one of the groups that I am in about how incriminating a writer's research could make them look. Especially for those who write some sort of suspense element in their books. That led me to wondering about writers going about to get their research done.

How do you do it? Do you search the Internet?

Do you go out and talk to people with knowledge in the field?

Do you ever just go visit an odd ball place that you would normally never be seen in to get your own view point of things for your story?

And here's another question. When obtaining research from a person, do you tell them you're a writer? (Could you just imagine a writer who doesn't say who they are asking a random person a question that might involve a crime? Can you imagine the utter shock?)

A few other thoughts I had- this doesn't really have to do with research. (It's been a long, crazy week and I have been crazy stressed, so this is my way of letting it out. Just writing. Even if it's a blog!)

Tradition. More specifically, tradition in books. Whether it be traditional romance, traditional publishing. We all know the one constant in life is change. We see the effects of that every day. Romance stories are getting hotter and hotter, and it's not as taboo like it used to be. Paranormal and urban fantasy have exploded with full force onto the scene. Ebooks have begun to dominate the market.

Let me say this out right. I am perfectly fine with these new changes in the writing world. I love the exploration of new genre's and that we get to read things more and more that we never have been able to before. I love the convenience of ebooks.

But I still love my print books. I can't imagine never going into a bookstore anymore, or holding a nice, new shiny print book in my hands. I am in the process of having a personal library built in my house, and I can't wait for my books to fill the shelves and make this the room of my dreams.

And I still love the sweet and sensual romances. I love the contemporary and suspense. And I don't want them to ever go away.

There's so much speculation on what the future holds. I don't read too much into it because things can change. I just know that I enjoy the new opportunities that arrive every day, but I don't forget the way it used to be that I can't live without, either.

I know, there isn't much in depth to my writing blog today. I've had a lot go on this week. I'm tired, my brain is fried, and it felt good just to get out what I wanted to say.

So everyone, enjoy your summer. It's July! (That's a yay and boo for me. Summers in Phoenix can wear me down, and it's already begun. Too hot, too little rain.)

Have a safe and happy Independence day. And happy writing! Now that we're near the halfway point of the year, how are your writing goals? Have your or are you accomplishing at least most of what you wanted? It's been a come back year for me. I've struggled for so long with writing because of life getting in the way, but that's changed this year. I'm writing more and feeling great about it.

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