Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grand Passions

One of the best things about paranormal romance, I think, is the grand sweeping nature of the emotions. Against the destruction of worlds, or mighty battles between good and evil, heightened emotions aren’t out of place.

The same sort of sweeping emotions might seem a little stalkerish in a contemporary romance, but against a backdrop where everything is life or death, Edward’s obsession with Bella, or Stefan Salvatore’s passion for Elena, are perfectly believable.

I recently read Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Daughter, second in her Iron Fey series. This is a young adult novel set against the backdrop of a war in the Faerie realms, a war that spills over into the mortal world. If you’re a fan of the Twilight books and haven’t yet read Julie Kagawa’s books, then you should.

Kagawa’s plot lines are intricate, and her world building is superb. But it’s the love story that makes these books such a great read. The sweeping passion is there, the huge sacrifices and struggles are there ... and as with both the examples above, there’s even a love triangle.

There are also quite a few non-paranormal romances where these Grand Passions work equally well. Think of Rhett and Scarlett against the backdrop of the American civil war. Or Jack and Rose against the backdrop of the sinking Titanic.

But do you think Grand Passions like these can work in modern contemporary romances?

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