Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost and Found

There are times when you pick up a book to read that you are unsure of. Maybe it's not the genre you read, or it's about a subject that you are uncertain of. Regardless, it's a book that is outside a reader's comfort zone.

Ever since I joined yahoo groups for writing and reading, my reading horizons have broadened. Then I started doing reviews, and I have read things that I normally never would have picked up on me own- and enjoyed them!

I find myself crawling slowly out of my comfort bubble and trying new things. (Well, when it comes to books, that is.)

This past month, I read a book that completely took me by surprise, and below is my review that I wrote for it. The book is called Lost and Found. The author- Kelly Jamieson, from Samhain publishing. I bought the book on Amazon.
Lost and Found
I wasn't sure how I felt when I began this book. But I can say that after a few chapters I was completely drawn into the story. The characters were real and by that I mean, they weren't perfect. Each had their flaws and good points, like people do in every day life. Maybe that's why I related to it so well. The feelings within me about each character is a big part of what makes a book work for me. If I can feel mad, angry, dislike, then I know the author has done their job in creating a well rounded character.

The subject is touchy, a little different. But that's why I liked it. Krissa wants a baby so much, and Derek, her husband goes along with it, but he reacts horribly every time there's a negative pregnancy test. Derek's attitude gets worse and worse. I felt bad for him the first chapter or so, but as I went on, I disliked him more and more. He's selfish and emotionally abusive, whether he or Krissa realize it. Do I wonder why she stays with him? Absolutely.

Enter Nate, an emotionally disconnected man, who's lost his wife in an accident years ago, and has now gotten sick and has bad eyesight that he's not sure he'll regain. For a man who's life is about photography, it doesn't go well with him. He comes to stay with Derek and Krissa, and knows very little about what he's coming to. The tension arises immediately when he's there because of their marital problems and Derek pulling a disappearing act all the time.

Is this story going to be for everyone? maybe, or maybe not. I enjoyed it. I like stories that are outside the normal. The author takes a subject that isn't the norm for a romance book and finds a way to make it emotional, dramatic, and amazing at the same time.

This book may not be for everyone, and that's all right of course, because everyone has their own likes and tastes. But I was so moved and intrigued by this book that I wanted to share my words with everyone.

Thanks for reading. Happy April!



Brenda said...

Nice review. Also, good reminder to try novels we normally wouldn't.

Nikki said...

So true! You may be surprised at what you like! :) Thanks for commenting!