Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Legend of Michael Review

Lisa Renee Jones has her first single title book coming out this May. The Legend of Michael, a paranormal book from Sourcebooks. I had the opportunity to read this book early for an honest review, and I did so. Now I'd like to share that review here.

Readers, prepare yourselves for a fantastic new book, the start of a new series. The Legend of Michael is a blend of romance, paranormal, and science fiction. Lisa Renee Jones heats up the pages with this amazing new book.

When Cassandra Powell meets Michael, she is both intrigued and weary of the man. Yet she can't seem to keep away from him, to stop thinking about him, even when she knows she should. He is part of the project of soldiers who have been injected with alien DNA. He is no good for her. He is walking a thin line between good and evil....but she is wildly attracted to him, despite his betrayals.

Michael is not anything like his other people. He is special. He is feared, intimidating, but sexy as hell. Michael must make a decision to where his loyalties lie. He knows Cassandra belongs with him, but the happy ever after for the pair is far off. Things must be taken care of first, and he must prove to Cassandra that he is indeed one of the good guys.

Danger lurks behind every corner. In this intensely fast paced novel, Michael, Cassandra, and a few others must keep ahead of the danger and fight for their lives. You never know who to trust and not to trust. The Legend of Michael is a great new paranormal read, one that takes a different spin in the current paranormal trend. If you're looking for something a little different, then I'd highly suggest Lisa Renee Jones' The Legend of Michael.

I am most definitely looking forward to the next installment in the series.

This Book is not out yet, but there isn't long of a wait! On May 1, you can get this in print and ebook format!

For more information about Ms. Jones, check out her website

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