Friday, April 29, 2011

Ever Have On Of Those Nights?

No, not that kind--the bad kind. The where everything-goes-wrong kind.
And no, I'm not going to detail mine. But that's why this post is at noon instead of midnight But what it made me think of is "The dark night of the soul."
I've had quite a few nights I would never want to repeat as I'm sure most of us have had, but not one I would describe as that dark--except for once.
Ever had a Tarot reading? I have and will never have another. I've
always liked to read and write paranormal stories, which my second huband, also an author, couldn't understand, so he made fun of my preference and bought me a Tarot Reading as a joke for my birthday--which is two days after Christmas, Since this was in upstate New York, you can imagine what the roads were like at the time. So it was mid-January before I was able get the this place, which turned out to be a tract house, with a sign out in front annoucning "Tarot Readings."
I went in, having called ahead, and she was just putting her toddler son down for a nap, so she asked me to wait a few minutes in her living room. Whatever I expected from a reading like this it was not a woman in jeans and sweatshirt leading me into her kitchen and asking me to sit at the kitchen table. She lit a red candle, shuffled the cards, had me touch them, then laid them out. She proceded to tell me ordinary enough stuff as she looked at the layout, hesitated for a moment and then added my future was somewhat clouded. She said a few more things I no longer remember and that was it. I thanked her, put on my winter gear, and had my hand on the doorknob, when she said. "Please wait a minute. I have to tell you I Something I'd rather not. Folks hate to hear anything bad, but I'd be wrong not to warn you. In the future, something very dark, very bad, will happen. It's not clear what this will be, but it will come." I then left, thinking she told me that just to get me to come back, I never gave it another thought in February as we packed to go to Phoenix for a conference and a vacation.
After the conference, my husband told me he was tired, but seemed all right until the next day when we went out to eat, driving to a Mexican restaurant he'd seen recommended in the NY Times. Once there, after we were seated, he looked at me and said, "What kind of drink do I usually order--I forget the name. This was odd, so I asked him if he was all right, He frowned and said, "Just tell me the name of the drink. So I did. The drinks came, he took one sip and began to laugh--sort of a silly laugh. Again I asked him if her felt all right and he just kept laughtng. So I threw down a twenty, made him get up and we left. I'm a nurse and I knew something was terribly wrong. I helped him get in the passenger seat after he couldn't even get the door open. Now terrified, I got in and drove back to the motel, because I had no idea where any hospital was. I got him into the room and dialed 911. An ambulance and the cops came. By then he was staggering around the room and still giggling. The paramedics got him on a stretcher and handed me his watch and wallet. They told me what hospital they were taking him to and, by the time they carried him away he'd passed out. Luckily I had an old friend who'd moved to Phoenix, so I called her, told her what had happened and she drove to the motel and took me to the hospital. By the time I got there he was on life support. The docs talked to me, saying nothing could be done--his brain had already flat-lined and support machines were all that kept him alive. He had malignant leukemia, a type that had no cure and had suddenly manifiested itself from a carrier gene. I then recalled the uncle he was named after had died at about the same age from a similar condition that had come on suddenly. As next of kin I had to make the decision to take him off life support Dark, indeed. This is something no one ever wants to go through and it truly is a dark night of the soul.
So any other bad days or nights are only annoying to me now. Trivial, even if they keep me from doing what I'd like or need to do.
So--no more Tarot reading for me.
I did recover and a few years later the Viking from my past and I got togther, making us both very happy.

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