Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting for a Star to Fall

I've been writing for two years. That doesn't seem very long to those authors who've been at it for decades, but it's long enough to experience the disappointment, excitement, and confusion that each writer is sure to have at some point in their literary career.

The excitement comes when I've finished a story that I feel strongly about, and finally get to write that query letter. My body feels alive as I try to come up with something that's brilliant and will grab the reader's attention and leave them wanting to read more.

The confusion comes in next. Where and who do I send it to? This decision is personal, and different for all writers. It all depends on their writing goals.

I think the worst part of writing, for me atleast, is the waiting. Though I'm a fairly patient person (thanks to two kids), I'm that girl who obsessively checks my email, waiting for a response from a publisher or agent.

Since finding a Literary Agent is my lifelong goal, that's my main focus. I keep a short but sweet philosophy in mind. Submit, Submit, Submit
I feel the more I submit my work, the more chances I get to find the agent that's just right for me. Yes, the rejections sting, but it only means that agent isn't right for the particular piece I'm trying to sell them. I will query that agent again, though, just in case my next work might catch their eye. It only takes one.

Though I'm not the MVP of The Waiting Game, I'm pretty sure I'm a candidate this year.

Good Luck to all of my fellow writers! May your writing dreams come true and your writing goals be accomplished!


Julie Kimbrell

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