Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please Welcome Guest Blogger Daryl Devore

A Newbie’s View on Writing, Being Published and Social Media

The title I wanted for this blog was - A Brave New World - but it seems Aldous Huxley used it already.  (No, I didn’t know that I googled it.) How did I become a published writer?  The short version.  Having penned an erotic romance manuscript (sounds more snootty than wrote a manuscript), I stumbled into being asked for a manuscript and it was accepted.  And that was the easy part.  Then came the editing which was a shock that I don’t think I’ve recovered from.  How many mistakes can one person make in 54,000 words? (968 insertions - mostly commas!, 616 deletions, 166 formatting changes and 712 comments from my wonderful, hard-working editor about what, and why, things need to be reworked.) All those blogs and webpages about “How To Tighten Your Writing” or “Common Mistakes Writers Make”  - read them and then read them again.   I passed Creative Writing both in high school and university, but I am stunned at what I’ve had to learn in the past few months. It seems I like !!!!s - had to edit those out.  Seems I dislike contractions - had to edit those in.  And I am not even going to mention commas!

All of the edits dealt with, the magical day happened, I am now a published author.  Newbie moment - my publisher sent me several ecopies of my book, A Kept Woman, and says I can use them for promotion or for book reviews.  I had to email back and ask - how do I do that?  Working on it - may be a future blog topic.

Then there is the terror known as social media.  Believe it or not, I’ve never sent a tweet and up until a month ago didn’t know what a FaceBook page even looked like and had only read a blog or 2.  But I have surged onward and now my pen name persona has a FB account - Daryl Devore and a Twitter account - DarylDevore. And here I sit writing my first blog.  Newbie alert - I had no idea how long it should be, so I fired off an email to my critique group, Rom-Critters.  Now you may think that was a frivolous question, but I have an unpublished novel at 120,000 words.  I can put words to  page, but I need limits.  The answer - 500 words.

So now I am out there in that brave, new world and what I’d really like to be doing is crawl back into my dark little cave and write - but my muse has gone on vacation and didn’t take me with her. (But that’s a whole other blog.)

A Kept Woman, published by New Dawning International Bookfair.  Arianne, an unemployed New Yorker with a dwindling bank account spots an ad reading Woman Wanted. Derek, rich and handsome, hires her to be his highly paid kept woman.  The sex turns to love as the strong-willed Arianne takes on the challenge of her life.


Sheri Fredricks said...

How Daryl got published--that could have been a good title too! Sometimes, it just clicks. Enchanting the Muse is another great crit group to belong to; and those are SO important. Thanks for the guest blog. Maybe another can be posted to let us know where Daryl is and what the journey was like to that point.

Kary said...

Great Post, Daryl. I'll look you up on FB and twitter. Congratulations and thanks for the insight. Commas are our friends -- Just not as much as spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri,

Thanks for commenting. I'm in the middle of something right now, but maybe when I send it off I'll have time to write another blog.

Daryl D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kary,

Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you on FB and Twitter.

I'll try "Comma are our friends" as my new mantra.

Daryl D

Annette 'a critter newbie' said...

Great blog D. I love hearing what I have to look forward to when I get 'the call.'


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette,

Thanks for commenting.

Hope the call comes soon.