Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Much Is Too Much....

When it comes to the Internet, I wonder how much info is too much. Well I believe it is safe to say that any info about your self is already too much. I guess posting, blogging, tweeting etc...is a chance your going to take each time you do it. No one really knows who they're talking to online. We only know what that person wants us to know.

I try to keep a relative low profile. My persona on this blog and on tweeter or any where else I post or blog is only a minute part of who I am. The truth is I sometimes feel as if I've stuck my foot in my mouth with some of the things I've blogged about or posted. I mean, what we say sometimes doesn't quite register with the person or people you are responding to or trying to advise, answer...etc. Not that as a writer I truly have a lot of advice to give. I'm still learning the ropes, as they say.

It's safe to say that I am comfortable with who I am. I've been around the block a few times and have grown up enough to know that. I'll probably keep sticking my foot in my mouth. It's part of being human. But I'm hoping to learn in the processes. I'm on a journey right now, sort of a new chapter in my life, with my writing career. I look forward to the disappointments, the enlightenment, the accomplishments and the hard work. It's all about the experience.

So how much IS too much? Seriously, I have no idea. One thing is for certain, every writer I have gotten the privilege to get to know, talk to and interact with, seem to understand me a lot better then people I have known for far longer. What is interesting, is that we seem to be in a class by our selves. Writers that is.

The truth is I feel comfortable, being more myself around other writers, then I do around some family members or my coworkers, who I deal with on a daily basis. How can that be? For me it's simply because I understand the thought process of being a writer. Our experiences in this realm are very similar if not identical. Writers understand openness, because of the need to express themselves through words and creativity. I feel a psychological closeness to other writers, sometimes emotional because they understand this about me.

Perhaps it is because, no matter what I say on line either on behalf of my self or another writer, is safe since there really is not interpersonal interaction going on. But I don't think so. I believe it's easier to be my self through my writing more so then through conversation. I write blogs/stories/books...etc.. for an audience that understands "where I'm coming from" better then many of my personal relations.

So I guess in retrospect, putting it out there for others to read is a way to truly be my self with out any kind of personal judgement. How much you and I choose to to tell about our selves is simply personal preference. However, when I write I'm free to be me.

It's an odd thing sometimes to a writer. But the journey is never lonely!


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Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Emma: I carefully consider what I say before putting it out there too. We all know how the written word can be misconstrued too easily. Like you, my writing journey isn't lonely, I have my crit partners and close group of online friends that I'm free to be me with. My face to face friends don't get my writer's intellect, but that's ok. I don't get their either. Nice post. :)