Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where to Go Next?

If you’re on the road to publication and land a contract, the resulting flurry to promote your name can be a time-sucking black hole. As a new published author of a short story by Books to Go Now, I’m definitely feeling the pressure to network and socialize--a thing that can grate against my personality as an introvert. I find my time for writing has disappeared, and even when I do have a moment, the drive is gone. It’s like I can only do one thing successfully--write or promote.

Now I’m sure this is merely new author fatigue, and once the newness wears off, I’ll be fine. But what to do until then?

Well, while I’ll still promote my short story, I’m going to step back and tackle my WIP. To tell the truth, my WIP might also be scaring me off from writing. I’m heartily sick of the story, but that’s another whole kettle of fish.

So what’s my recipe to overcoming this slump?

•Keep writing and critiquing

•Promote, network, but keep it in perspective

•Stop wasting time staring into space--a favored procrastination tactic of mine

Well, that’s all, folks. I have to get back to my writing--and, oh yes, my promotion. In fact, what kind of new pubbed author would I be if I didn’t stick a little blurb around here somewhere?

Blurb from Captive:

Emma finds herself far removed from her 21st century world and at the mercy of someone who shouldn't even exist. Even though her infuriating Elvin captor, Cian, is mysterious and sexy, she determines to keep herself aloof and return home. This soon all changes as he wages a seductive war on her defenses that challenges everything she's believed about love and life.

For Cian passion and rage intermingle as he alternately toys with her and submits to his fascination for this woman who, by her very humanity, should be an object of repulsion.

Can they put aside their differences and share a love that's stronger than time and prejudice?

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J.Rose Allister said...

Yeah, it's funny how sometimes I can just get so sick of a story I loved writing when I first started it. Sometimes I have to take a step back for a while (or a year, or forever LOL). :)

Brenda said...

LOL, I'm getting sick of my story too. I want to finish up all the other stuff, like the synopsis and query, and get writing on my next novel.
Nice post.

Lisa Kumar said...

J. Rose and Brenda, isn't funny how we start out infatuated with our story, but then slowly lose interest to the point where we dread even opening up the MS? At least that's the way it's for me! Taking a break for a year or more sounds great:)