Saturday, February 12, 2011

Faith, Hope, and Love

To all who do not know me, my name is Tishua Bradley. I first encountered Tabitha Blake on rom-critters, which was an experience in and of itself. She pointed out to me, which is a very hard thing because I listen to no one, where I told the reader what they wanted but showed them nothing. In turn I lectured her on her blatant disregard for what the word "grammar" meant and its purpose in the english language. It was love at first crit.

When Tabby asked me if posting on her blog the 14th of every month was okay I said "Absolutely." It hadn't occured to me the 14th of February had yet to pass. You see, my father passed away two years ago on Valentine's Day. He lived with my family and me, and one morning he just didn't wake up. He was a very sick man for over thirty some odd years, but you wouldn't have known it if you came across him. I'm only thankful he went the way he wanted, in his sleep.

Now I do not tell you this to make you sad. I titled this blog "Faith, Hope, and Love" for a reason. About two weeks before my father left on his new journey, I really came into my writing. For the first time in a long time, my father really encouraged something I was doing. He told me what a wonderful imagination I always had and that would be great for someone like me. All that I needed was faith. So I focused on all the things he and my mother told me, and my writing blossomed. Then tradgedy struck. I shut down. The world around me did not exist. My family suffered, my work suffered, I suffered.

After a few months of deep, dark depression my husband accused me of having an affair. The first word that came to mind, "Ludacris!" I'm not the cheating kind. It's just not who I am. However the more I thought about it, the more I could see the signs; no communication, no interest in anything at home, hitting the bars after work, seperating myself from what mattered most. Strangely enough, hope started forming inside my heart.

My husband's exclimation brought reality back to me, the need to want again. His love brought me back from the black hole I placed myself in months before. And from that love came faith and hope again. I felt it swell up inside me. So I started being a wife and mother once more as I used to be. I took up my novel, let it pour out through me. All the emotions I so long ago closed away came streaming through my writing. I was Tish again.

In closing, the message I send to all of you on this blessed holiday is that life is not always what we plan or think it should be, but better in all the ways that matter most. To my fellow writers, I encourage you to have faith, hope, and love. Through these you can accomplish anything. Use your life to implemant the things you may feel are missing from your stories. For life is our greatest teacher, and without love we're just watching the world go by, not a part of it but just outside the glass, being spectators to a sport that has the power to change our lives forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tammy said...

Very nice, Tish. Inspires as it should...

Nikki said...

Wow. Thanks for posting this.
Inspiring indeed. :)


Tabitha Blake said...

Tish too freaking funny! Yeah, we had a lot to learn back then. But I was lucky enough to find a great a great friendship and crit partner in you. Thanks for that. We do get inspiration from the things we live. The good and the bad play a roll in our writing and we learn from our experiences. Very inspriational blog!

Brenda said...

Tish, what a sad yet uplifting post!

Tishua Bradley said...

Thank you all so very much. Writing this piece actually helped me with dealing with my father's death today. I hope that I was able to inspire y'all. Life really is our greatest teacher. I'm proof of that.

Sheri Fredricks said...

I'm late to the post but glad I made it! I've been accused of tunnel vision more than once and it often takes my husband or someone who's able to get through to me to point it out. Your story made me smile. Thanks for that!