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Evolution of the Writer

Please welcome guest blogger Lila Munro to NN.

On the day that I got the email from Tabitha telling me she had a guest spot available and that a custom blog would be wonderful, I just happened to be going through my backlog of blog posts in my archives at Realmantic Moments. Funny how things always seem to happen for a reason—it was by reading them that I was struck with the idea for today’s topic. Evolution. I know, sounds like I might go into a diatribe about anthropology—I do have a character tucked away somewhere on this desk that works in anthropology, but no, he’s not taking center stage today. I speak of the evolution of the writer.

My early blog posts are almost laughable now that I look back on them. For the first month I was in business they never exceeded a paragraph, two at the most. And they weren’t really all that insightful or helpful to anyone. They mostly consisted of ‘what I’m doing today’ updates. Things that I now realize meant little to anyone. It wasn’t that I was that boring or lacking in substance, I merely lacked maturity as a blogger. The past few months I have evolved and grown and learned who I am as a blogger. My format has changed significantly and my posts have matured from one paragraph blurbs about what I had for breakfast to up to 3000 word articles of sorts containing meat and potatoes not fluff. This year I’ve dedicated a portion of my blog space to helping other new lost authors find their way around our world and giving them a few resources I wish I’d had when I first started out. Maybe I’d have discovered me a bit faster with a bit of help. I also found out that I like to have guests at my place and I only needed to ask a few people and send out an SOS into a few Yahoo groups and voila! My calendar is full up until April with three guests a week. Evolution has occurred.

Evolution has also occurred in my story writing. In going through my old blog posts I discovered some excerpts from my first novel, The Executive Officer’s Wife. I was appalled to be quite honest. I already knew my writing had improved, but boy oh boy, I never fathomed how much until I re-read some of those excerpts. It’s only been out a few months, but in all honesty—I’ve not read it since it went live. I have some weird quirk that way. I’m afraid to look at the finished product. All of my work is on my Kindle, but it’s all unread to date. Now I know why. I have reason to be afraid. Much to my disgrace, I find this little jewel riddled with mistakes I’ve since learned to avoid. Sooner or later I’m sure I’ll learn to accept it for what it was—a stepping stone, a learning tool. But for now, I’ll leave it on the old Kindle to marinate for another day, one that I will spend revising it and improving it. And just what are these mistakes I speak of? They are varied and many.

When I first started out I proclaimed myself to be afflicted with MMS—Multiple Muse Syndrome. And I believe to this day I was—some days I still am. Head-hopping queen, that’s me. I couldn’t make it through a sex scene without all parties involved speaking up at will. I had no idea I was even breaching this sacred line in the sand until the editor of Bound by Trust pointed it out to me. With many red lines…*grin*.  But I so appreciate that she did—learning has occurred and that’s what I always want to do, learn. Grow. Develop. Hone my craft. I try very hard each time I go through the editing process to take away a lesson. A tool I can use in creating future works that will make them better than the last. POV was just one issue I’ve overcome. The list is long and I’m still adding to it. Commas are a dreaded enemy, or friend depending on the day and mood. Gerunds used to run amuck on my pages. I now contain them to two or three per scene. I’ve found more creative ways to begin sentences—possessively. And my showing skills are sharper. Lately I’ve been working on training myself to use apostrophes. You know to contract things. *smile* I’m evolving.

The results are evident. I’m now getting much better reviews and they aren’t tinged with searing statements about all my mistakes. They do in fact glow with the aura of what I’m doing right. Developing complex characters with deep issues that eventually get resolved after an enormous climax, or two, or a dozen. I’ve also learned to step outside my box and try new things. I’m not a paranormal writer by trade. I’m a contemporary erotic girl that wanders off the edge of the envelope occasionally into the world of alternative lifestyles. However, a couple of dear friends, BethAnn Buehler and JL Oiler, wrangled me into helping them with a Valentine’s paranormal anthology. It incorporates a few characters we’ve worked with before and a few new faces. Salvation will hit e-shelves February 13. 

You’ll be able to download it at:

Hearts Vendetta by JL Oiler

Strata Drake had everything a thirty something woman could want: a gorgeous two bedroom flat in the best part of Salvation, Massachusetts, a great job as the requisition coordinator for a nearby museum, and a smoking hot new boyfriend who didn't pressure her for sex. That is until a night out on the town and a spiked drink changes things. Strata finds herself in bed with her hunky boyfriend and his identical twin for a night of passion that fulfills every erotic fantasy she's ever had. However, the next evening Strata discovers she's not only alone, but she's part of the undead.  Now she must track the pair down and attempt to reclaim her humanity. Strata soon discovers she's not the only one looking for the tantalizing twosome. Teaming up with Chris Harm, an aggressive werewolf with a score to settle, she realizes she has a lot to learn a lot about herself and her new persona. She also discovers that the wolf has some sexy animal magnetism of his own. 

Lethal Love by Lila Munro

After having freed his last assigned town of the worst type of evil to ever walk, Caleb Laird has no excuse to stay any longer. He once thought he’d never leave that small mountain town, but under order of the Agency, he’s been moved to Massachusetts. With his soul mate, Claire Adams, by his side and a few good friends tagging along, this new haven for all manner of para-beings seems like the perfect place for a fresh start.

Claire was more than happy to follow Caleb. In fact, she’d have followed him anywhere. In Salvation, no one knew about her past. Her identity could be concealed and no one would ever need to know about her aliases. Cheers to new beginnings! Now a year later Claire’s found her identity as a talk show host, she's getting married in a few days, and she’s just found out a little magic is on the way.

Thinking they were safe from that which haunted them, Caleb and Claire never expected to have to deal with anyone from a place worse than hell again. But something’s lurking in Salvation. It’s turning families against each other, stalking the innocent, and tearing Caleb and Claire apart. Caleb has to figure out who’s telling the truth before it’s too late and salvation is beyond his grasp.

Spellbound Hearts by BethAnn Buehler

Angeline Griggs has made a career out of teaching Early American History at Boston College.  A descendant of William Griggs, the man responsible for the deaths of twenty three young men and women during the Salem Witch Trials, Angeline has spent a lifetime trying to demystify her distant grandfather's claims.

Armed with new knowledge of an ages old family secret, Angeline ditches an attempt at a personal life as she throws herself into studying the link between the men in her family and a long line of witches, one of whom her brother, Grier, has recently taken as his bride.  Too enthralled with her studies to be bothered by the boring academic types that keep calling and asking her out, Angeline puts privacy blocker on her phone and requests her number be unlisted.  Finally, a little peace and quiet.  

Scotsman Branan Laird has come to Boston to attend the wedding of his cousin, Caleb.  Glad to be stateside, where no-one knows about him or the "gifts" he's been given, Branan finds that time stops when he spies a gorgeous redhead fretting over a stack of books the weigh more than she does.  Anxious to make her acquaintance, Branan is shocked when the women turns up her nose and dismisses him with the back of her hand. Certain she'll not only want to meet him, but that she'll fall for him as well, Branan devises a plan a certain bookworm won't be able to outrun.

Lila Munro writes contemporary erotic romance and currently resides on the coast of North Carolina. A native born Missourian, she’s a military wife and takes much of her inspiration for her heroes from the Marines she’s lived around for the past fourteen years. Coining the term realmantica, she strives to produce quality romance in a realistic setting. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on, trips to the museum and aquarium, taking field research trips, and soaking up the sun on the nearby beaches. She can often be found chatting it up over at my sister site, Wicked Muses, with her wicked sisters, BethAnn and JL, and her wicked brother, Chris. Follow her and her muses at  or find her at . I can also be found on Facebook at   . She loves to hear from readers. Please feel free to contact her at

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