Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wish Review

Happy New Year,everyone! I sure hope that the first day of 2011 came and went pleasantly for everyone. I rang in the new year with my husband, son and two best friends. A New Year always brings on new goals, dreams, wishes, and adventures.

Speaking of wishes, the first book review I'm going to do this year is simply titled 'Wish'. It's a young adult novel, and I happened to have picked it up as a Kindle freebie from Amazon. (Which worked out well because I'd seen it at Wal Mart a few days prior and wanted it, but I'd already had quite a few books in my hand that had higher priority of going home with me.)

Wish is written by Alexandra Bullen. It's a young adult novel. It's the story of Olivia, a teenage girl who just moved to a new city with her parents after the tragic death of her twin sister. Olivia is a shy, quiet girl who has never really put herself out there to live her life completely. When she has to go to a party at her mom's firm, she goes into her sister's belongings and finds a dress. Olivia notices a tear in that dress and takes it to a alteration shop to have it fixed to wear to the party.

Little does she know how that changes her life.

A dress is left for Olivia, but it isn't the one she'd brought in. It's a different dress. Olivia reluctantly wears that dress, and goes to that party, feeling lonely and insecure. After drinking (Yes, drinking, and I don't like that part of it, but that's not the main thing in the story, thank goodness), she can't take it anymore, goes into a cab home and wishes for her sister.

Late that night, she hears something.

Olivia goes out onto the balcony, and her sister is there. Her dead sister. How could that be?

Yes, Violet is back. But not quite in the way Olivia expected.

And with Violet's guidance, Olivia starts to bloom. She's making friends, interested in a guy, and starting to really find her own voice.

Wish is kind of like a modern fairy tale. It's in a contemporary setting, but has just a bit of a paranormal/fantasy aspect. Now, despite parts of the book that were straight narrative and a bit slow, Wish was very enjoyable, and all around a great read.

I would post some links to a website, but I haven't come across one yet. I believe Wish is a debut novel. It is available on Amazon. Right now, it still shows free, but beware, that could change in a heartbeat.

On a side note, if you have a book out and would like a review, please feel free to contact me at Stormgoddess925ATyahooDOTcom. If you get a copy of the book to me, I can do a review. For fair reviews, I should not what type of books I don't read. I'm not a big fan of historical, m/m, or erotica. I DO read EROTIC romance. I enjoy some good sex scenes, but I read books for story. If I read the above genres I mentioned, I don't feel I could give the book a fair review.

Well, until next time! Wishing you all the best in the New Year. Make it a great one!



Trish said...

Great review Nikki,

Intriguing with out giving anything away. I find the comment "Violet comes back, but not quite in the way Olivia expected" kind of sinister. I don't know why, but it brought immediate images of Pet Commentary.

I think I've read too much Koontz and King. (LOL)

I don't read YA, but this review would make me curious enough to pick it up.

Great job!

Nikki said...

LOL...I know what you mean, I read
alot of Koontz and King myself, so
You're right it does sound kinda
sinister! :)