Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Dear Muse

I felt this hard tap on my shoulder. When I glanced over, I saw my Muse standing there with her arms crossed telling me to get back to work on my book. I glared back and told her I couldn’t because I had to get some work done and get this blog written. She huffed loudly and threatened to leave me. Naturally, I pleaded with her to stay. Then a thought occurred to me.
Julie: “My most dear Muse, may I interview you, please?”
Erato looking askance: “Hmmm. Alright. But, make it quick. There are millions of authors I need to inspire.”
Julie: “Great! That’s a really cool lyre you have.”
Erato stroked the strings with a smile, “Thanks. Just for that, I’ll inspire you tomorrow.”
Julie brightens: “Awesome! So, there are nine of you?”

Erato nods: “Yes, we’re the goddesses of the arts and sciences.”
Julie: “Are all of you the goddesses of writing?”
Erato chuckles: “No. I’m in charge of Poetry about Love. Erato is erotic. Get it?”
Julie: “Uh huh.”
Erato: “Some say I invented the art of dancing because it inspires others to write about love.
Julie: “What about the other muses?”
Erato: “My sister Calliope is in charge of Epic Poetry and Euterpe loves inspiring Musicians.”
Julie: “Wait, I thought Apollo is the god of Music.”
Erato wagged a finger: “He is the god of Music itself. Euterpe gifts people with the talent of music and inspires them.”

Julie: “Ah! I see. Hmmm…Is giving talent and inspiration the reason all of you were created?”
Erato nods: “Not at first. Apollo told us that we're to help mortals to forget the evils the Titans had afflicted on the world and to praise the gods for their victory over them. Once we accomplished that, we migrated to helping you mortals forget your sorrows and cares in the world.”
Julie tapping her chin in thought: “How so?”
Erato gaped in surprise: “Don’t you get lost in another world when you read a great romance novel? Or go to a museum or become amused at a play?
Julie: “Okay.”
Erato: “When anyone is sad or sorrowful, usually Euterpe will pay them a visit and play some music to help them feel better.”
Julie: “Okay. Okay. I get it. You mentioned you helped people forget the evils the Titan’s afflicted on the world.”
Erato folds her arms with narrowed eyes: “That’s right.”
Julie: “It’s ironic isn’t it? You’re Mother is a Titan, Right?”
Erato: “Yes, she is.”
Julie: “A goddess of memory. Memnon…something.”
Erato: “Mnemosyne. Yes, she’s a Titan and the goddess of memory. It is ironic isn’t it?”
Julie: “Yes. I asked that.”
Erato: “No, you didn’t.”
Julie: “I did.”
Erato with her finger pointed at me: “You’re not arguing with me, are you?”
Julie with alarm in her eyes, “Heaven’s no. Wouldn’t dream of arguing with my Muse.”


Duckie said...

Love this Julie...This is a neat way of learning about mythology...very creative:)

Brenda said...

LOL, awesome post!!!

Julie said...

Thanks you all. It's lots of fun to read and learn a bit of fictional history. Glad you like it too!
~ Julie