Friday, December 17, 2010

Making Time to Write

As most of us at this time of year, I’m crunched for time. So, that’s what I’m going to blog about…how do I make time to do what I love?


I have no magic formula, but I really try to write at least fifty words in my WIP a day. Some evenings are good and I can push out as many as three thousand words. During NaNo, I averaged that many a day. But not this month. This month has been too crazy busy.

Even so, I still write something every blessed day. Why? You ask...

Because writing calms my nerves and makes me happy. And isn’t that what this time of year is about? Enjoying life and giving thanks for what we have? When I’m stressing because I still haven’t bought that present for my Dad or I still haven’t backed cookies or still have a few more cards to address, I open my WIP and become caught up in the lives of my imaginary people. Not for long, but long enough to help me take a breath. Things always seem to get done. After I’m finished here, I’m putting stamps on and sealing my fifty cards to send in the mail tomorrow. I just started writing them Tuesday night. Saturday is my baking day. Those who come to my annual family Christmas dinner won’t be disappointed. There will be cookies.

So, as we barrel toward the Holidays like Hugh Jackman did on the zip line on Ophra, don’t forget to take some time to do the things that make you happy and relaxes you. It might be reading, or painting your nails—for me it’s stealing fifteen minutes here or there during my crazy evenings to sit and get lost in my own world.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Nikki said...

Ya know, I like that idea. Even If I can't muster up an hour or two on writing per day, especially now during the holidays, I should take fifteen minutes out and take a breather and write. Because even if it only is 50 or 100 words, it's still progress and I'll still have achieved something. Thanks for posting this- I know a lot of times I get busy and have so many things I want/need to do that writing gets put on the back burner, but taking fifteen minutes or so a day at the minimum may still keep the creative juices flowing.