Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's Talk: Love & Sex

 This is a question randomly drawn from The Book of Questions: Love & Sex

“When you are attracted to someone and another person begins to show a lot of interest in him or her, does it strengthen or diminish your own feelings? Has such a competitive urge ever led you to believe you were more in love with someone than you really were?”

I love writing about love triangles.

In one of my WIP’s, my heroine was rescued -when left for dead and lost her memory- by another woman her age and is now her roommate. The roommate has had a crush on a particular guy since college, and now my heroine is working for him. And, he is coming on to her.

The roommate is beside herself, goes into a rage and throws the heroine out on a cold, snowy night. And the drama continues. This question is perfect for making me think about my own experiences on the topic as well as to dig deeper into the roommate character.

I can recall a few instances in high school where I didn’t think I was that interested in a guy until one of my friends decided she was...then suddenly, he looked so much better...

Can a competitive urge to be the one he chooses blind you to your real feelings?

Have you ever had this experience before? Care to share how it all went down?

Have you ever had this experience before? Care to share how it all went?
 a question randomly drawn from: The Book of Questions: Love & Sex


susan said...

Years ago I had a boyfriend who I was told was seeing this other girl so I was going to dump him as I did not need to have this. I later found out this girl started a rumor as she was jealous of my relations with this fellow. Well I married this same guy 47 years ago last June..I do not know what ever happened to her but it doesn't matter now. susan Leech

Ash said...

I'm glad you didn't dump him! ;)