Monday, November 1, 2010

Nocturnal Nights Publishing Update with Ericka Scott

Hi, I'm Ericka Scott, multi-published and bestselling author of Seductive Suspense. Tabitha invited me to blog a couple of times a month about publishing opportunities and news. I'm really excited about what I found today and couldn't wait to share it all with you!

Harlequin Ltd. Like many other writers, I would love, love, love to write for them. Unfortunately, my muse sees things oh-so-very differently. I typically begin a story, thinking it might and hoping it will fit one of the category lines and then helplessly watch it spinn off into a different direction. Sigh. However, that doesn't stop me from lurking around their sites, hoping to tempt my stubborn muse into writing within the box, not around it. That being said, I discovered:


Harlequin -- So, You think you can write? A week of insights on writing romance.

Editorial Week Nov 1-5, 2010

Does your imagination run wild with vivid characters? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a USA TODAY bestselling author? Well, our editors want to make those dreams come true. We are hungry to find talented new writers for Harlequin Books. Through podcasts, blogs, and discussions with our expert editors and current authors, we’re going to help you understand the appeal of the romance genre. And there’s a special daily challenge with feedback that will give some great insights into crafting the perfect story. So for the next week, come by to hone your skills and get started on the path to publication. So you think you can write? Here’s your chance to show us!


* Meet 50+ editors who want to buy your book
* Join community discussions with savvy writers in the know
* Listen to podcasts with editors and authors
* Chat live with editors in the Harlequin Community
* Participate in a webinar with editors (Sign-up at this link)
* Follow us on Twitter
* Take part in the daily challenge to test your writing skills
* Submit your story to the Harlequin editors!


to get to the Harlequin site and find out more information and a tentative schedule. Needless to say, I'll be there all week. Will you?

Ericka Scott


Tabitha Blake said...

Great post! I am a lot like you. I tend to write out of the box too.

Martha Ramirez said...

Yes, great opost. Interesting:)

Brenda said...

Excellent post. Very informative. LOL, like you girls, my writing is a little outside of the box.

Duckie said...

love the new layout, great post. I too do not follow convention...but that's a good thing right? lol

Anonymous said...

Tabitha the site looks awesome, can't wait to see what you have in mind for christmas..

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm such a ditz, Great post BTW, very informative Erica.

Tabitha Blake said...

I am glad you ladies like the new layout. I thought it was so cute. I am going to start looking for a new one for Christmas as well. I just love the holidays and to show that on the blog is so much fun.

As for writing out of the box. Is there any other way to write? I have a hard time conforming to some of the strict rules. I follow the obvious one like, no rape scenes etc, but the rest is all about how far my imagination takes me. I say who needs the stinking box. LOL!

Ericka Scott said...

Yep, my "box" often has an unsightly bulge on one or more sides...or the contents have escaped completely! LOL.

Jane Toombs said...

I did write for Harlequin--well, Silhouette, to be specific, but now that's been folded into Harlequin, too. Sure I could sell on a synospis after while, but then they began pcking those apart--too much of this or not enough of that. If you realy want to have editors take over your plot and get it "right" for Harlequin--go ahead and write for them. I finally bowed out because I couldn't stand having to amend my stories their way any longer. But I still get royalties on foreign ssles. So, yes, the money is nice, but you never do get your rights back--they just sell the book to another foreign country so that it's still in print. To be fair, I was always treated well, but iy's still Harlequin's way or no way. Jane