Thursday, November 11, 2010

Necessary Blogging

With the explosion of blogging writers—blog savvy or not—have been told they need to write their own blog. Or subscribe to several blogs. And lets not forget the writers who get noticed by publishers and agents because of their blogging. But is blogging a necessary career move for a writer?
For a long time I avoided blogging because I feared it would distract me from my fiction writing. Why should I abandon my characters, knee-deep in their problems, to join the thousands of other writers trying to be heard? I reasoned that the stampede of voices could do with one less opinionated writer.
So I stubbornly said no to blogs for years. I didn’t have the time; I didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t know how to do it-oh never mind-back to my writing! The only problem with this streak of stubborn denial is that while I helped my characters find true love or win that inner battle I wasn’t getting my thoughts or words read. Yes, I did the work but it was in other stages of writing or editing or marketing. Something always kept it hidden from the world.
It took two years of reading blogs (yes I caved into that one right away) to realize I wanted people to read my words. To understand me. To connect with me. I think that’s what writing is all about, whether it’s fiction, blogging, or nonfiction. We want the audience to connect to something we’re putting out.
I know writers who’ve cultivated connections with agents and publishers through their blogs, as well as writers who started a blog after they’ve published a book. One isn’t exclusive to the other, but I do feel like you have to start somewhere. So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m starting here. I’m connecting to people in a bigger way than I’ve ever done.
Yes, the little writing recluse in me still howls about wasted time and editing novels, pitching agents, etc. But I think blogging will be a good way for me to share ideas and inspire others. Or at the very least make them think. Am I doing this to get my name out there and hope, hope, hope one day that an agent or publisher might look me up and find that I do have a blog and a website and I am witty and talented and marketable?
Uh, yeah.
We all hope that. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being a working writer. But if you dig to the core of writing blogs you'll find we writers just want to talk about our twisted romance with writing. That’s what it’s about. And that’s what this blog is about.


Duckie said...

Yup! I blog because I want to share a bit of myself with the cyber universe. I want to be approachable, because you never know who's scoping you out. I also like blogging because I get to know my readers better. By what they say in the comment section I can get a better understanding of who I'm reaching. I also need another outlet for my creativity. Great post!

Tabitha Blake said...

Blogging is important I think to help create a name for yourself as a author. Do I think you have to blog? No but I think it helps. Great first blog.

Brenda said...

Nice first blog. I know exactly what you mean. I never thought I'd be a blogger--thought I had nothing important to say--thought no one would care to read what I had to say. But I caved. I've met great writer friends through blogging. Read some great info from reading others blogs. I quite enjoy it, lol.

Sheri Fredricks said...
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Sheri Fredricks said...

I wanted to blog but didn't want to be committed to a daily or twice a week endeaver. When Tabby's NN came along it was heaven for me. A perfect match. I can blab, pretend I'm knowledgeable, do research for my MS and create a blog about it - it's all good. And, I think, it's therapeutic.