Friday, November 19, 2010

More Great November Releases with Tonya

I had such a high response to my first blog post. There are so many paranormal releases out there, I’ve had several readers and authors email me asking for more. So I am going to share a few more releases to look forward too.

Although this first book is more Sci-Fi it does have some paranormal elements and it sounds like a great read.


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PSIONIC SCI FI: the inevitable fusion of man, machine

and the paranormal.


Once again the Dark Ops crew of the Nemesis is called into action.

But this time it’s personal.

When a former team member is kidnapped on a Hive drug mining planet

both the Universal Government and the new Corporate Overlord have to respond.

For the first time the Nemesis team and the Corporate Archangels join forces

against a psychic vampire, his strange twin brother,

and the Oracle menace threatening their universe.

But is anything truly what it seems?THE FIREBORN CHRONICLES: BOOK II

A Taste of Terror by Chastity Bush

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When Cole Douglas is sent in search of a rogue werewolf, he expects the mission to go without a hitch, as so many before had.

But when sexy nurse/newly turned werewolf Chloe Dunn attacks him, his new mission take a surprising turn, as he learns that not only is she beautiful, she’s his mate.

As a Guardian, it’s Cole Douglas’s job to protect all living beings mortal, and immortal alike.

Refusing to acknowledge he’s found his mate, Cole continues on with his intended mission, only to find the beautiful creature that attacked him is not only his mate, but his ticket to finding the rogue werewolf he’s been assigned to kill.

Despite the danger lurking all around them, Cole finds himself drawn to Chloe unlike any woman before. From her golden brown hair, to her amber gold eyes, Cole realizes that just because he doesn’t think he’s ready for a mate, doesn’t matter when just a look from her can set his blood on fire.

Chloe Dunn is just learning to live life as a werewolf when the scent of a stranger sends her into a frenzy and leads her to attack him. Cole is dangerous and wild, something she needs no part of, but the overwhelming pull he has on her is more than she can bear. The more time she spends with him, the more she wants him, needs him and will do whatever it takes to have him, even if it means placing herself in the hands of the very rouge that turned her.

I am really looking forward to these two releases. Both of these authors are new to me. This will be the first time I read anything from either of them. I’m sure they won’t let me down. Please be sure to check them out as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post. If you are an author and would like to feature your book, please send the cover, a short excerpt and/or blurb and any links you wish to add and the release date to

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Everyone please have a safe and fun Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)



Mary Andrews said...

Thank you so much for featuring The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances.

Through the end of November, anyone who buys my book can receive an early preview of first chapter of book III in the series--also to be released by MuseItUp Publishing.

Just send the first sentence of Chapter 2 to and I'll wing it to ya.

Also, MuseItUp Publishing places everyone who buys from one of their authors at their site into a drawing for a free eReader. Check it out at:

Again, thank you for the post Tonya.

Tabitha Blake said...

Great Post and the books sound very interesting.

Brenda said...

Thanks, Tonya. I'm adding these to my to be read list. I'm always looking out for new authors!

Julie said...

The books sound like really great reads! Thanks for sharing.