Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrating New Releases with Tonya

First off a big thanks to Tabby and all of the wonderful writer’s involved in this blog. Thanks for taking me on and I can’t wait to build what I think will be a beautiful friendship.
I get to write two blog posts every month. Once blog post will talk about new releases every month. Some of the books I’m looking forward to and books I believe you will love as well. My second blog is basically free writing. I will write a blog about writing, publishing, etc. And if you ever have any questions or topic suggestions you can email me at and I will be gladly to put them in my next blog.

Souls of Sorrow by Sheri Lewis Wohl
Ten years ago Paul Curtis dumped Lindsay Barrow and she ran away. Now she's back and Paul has no intention of making the same mistake twice. But winning her heart again may just be the easy part. With missing and murdered women turning up all over the county, it's Lindsay with her psychic abilities the authorities turn to for help. Will Lindsay's gift be powerful enough to stop a killer who's made a pact with the devil? Or, will a force beyond this world take Lindsay from Paul all over again?

The Unnecessary Bodyguard by Evie Balos
Nina Bradley doesn't pay attention to her friend's premonition that she'll be attacked by a vampire. She discovers Daphne's assigned a dhampir bodyguard to her and clearly objects. Worse, she finds him terribly attractive, but he’s half vampire. They don’t suit. A good reason to stop fantasizing about him.

Jovan Markovic wants to keep things professional between him and his beautiful client, but his desire for her is spiralling out of control. He ought to assign someone else to the case, but he won’t. He ought to use his lover to erase Nina from his mind, but he can’t…

Connection by Cora Zane
Gage is a cyber vamp, an AI being who feeds off energy, sexual and otherwise. Kiri loves that they can feel each other’s pleasure during sex…during those electric moments when Gage slips his fangs into her neck ports.
Kiri knew from the start Gage wanted a no-strings
relationship, but hadn’t realized his bite would grant him access to her heart. Hadn’t counted on being so lost to pleasure she lets loose her innermost desire. Now Gage knows her secret, and Kiri can’t bring herself to face him.
But Gage has a secret too. He’s found more than sexual satisfaction with Kiri. He’s discovered the ultimate connection—and he’ll prove it the second he’s back in her bed.

Harlequin Nocturne
Shadow of the Sheikh by Nina Bruhns
All are terrified of the ruthless legend of al Shahin—the Black Hawk. Sheikh Shahin Aswadi doesn't mind. It makes his job easier. He is one of the immortal shape-shifters who serve the ancient Egyptian god Set-Sutekh, and no human has dared approach his hidden oasis encampment for nearly a century.

That is, until intrepid anthropologist Gemma Haliday comes sniffing around after her missing sister. She has foolishly disregarded the dire warnings of the nomads in order to question the one man who may know of her sister's fate. To Shahin's gratification, she walks straight into the trap he has carefully laid for her.

Just one taste of Gemma's lips and he knows he must possess her fully…but he wants her willing. He wants her to burn for him as he burns for her—with a desire as hot and vast as the timeless Egyptian desert.
There's the books I am looking forward to reading this month. Are you planning on reading any of the above? If so, which ones? Do you have any other suggestions on upcoming releases in November? By all means share, share, share!

Thanks so much for checking out my first blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!


Tabitha Blake said...

Great blog! These look like some really great reads.

Brenda said...

Excellent post!!!! I'm going to check out, Souls of Sorrow, and The unnecessary Bodyguard.
Welcome to NN.

Tonya Renee Callihan said...

Thanks guys:)
I've read The Unnecessary Bodyguard. I have a review and an interview with the hero on my blog. It's a great book!!

Trish said...

Hey Tonya,

You did a great job with this. It looks very professional. Some great titles in there too.

Victoria said...

Great Tonya! I'm looking forward to your reviews of these books. I have heard great things of The Unnecessary Bodyguard. Good luck with this blog!

Ericka Scott said... TBR pile just got bigger! :-)