Monday, October 4, 2010

Incubus and Succubus



Incubus and Sucubus, from the Latin word Incubo, meaning nightmare. By nature the Incubi are the Demons who prey on unsuspecting men and women while they sleep. Their purpose for doing so is purely sexual. The male, Incubus, may pursue sexual intercourse with women in order to father children. At least in some legends. Religious beliefs warn that repeated intercourse with an Incubus or Succubus can cause great harm to it's victim, even death.

In medieval times the legends of Incubi were often exaggerated in order to explain away lustful behaviour, or ahem...wet dreams. Sometimes infidelities were attributed to the incubi, "the devil made me do it!" But does such a creature truly exist? I was skeptical like most people, believing that the legends of incubus attacks, were merely away for people to explain away shameful behavior. Especially during earlier times when the church was at the apex of cultural and moral development. When the church had more control over people's lives and how they governed themselves. Still the idea that sex-demons came down on sleeping women and men to screw them into multiple orgasms, within an inch of their life was worth investigating.

Besides the history of and origins of the Incubi legends, I was mostly interested in finding out if these attacks really did happen. What I found out was startling and a bit disturbing. Based on several "true" accounts I have read and have talked to people about, I decided to write down a story, which was told to me by a friend, who's sister had an experience with an incubi...I have changed the name and location to protect their privacy, however, the particulars and details were explained to me as I wrote them here...

An Incubus Story....

My friend Amy had never even kissed a boy let alone dated one, in high school. In our senior year something happened to her that she will never forget and will most likely haunt her for the rest of her life. It happened around the end of our senior year, June of 1987. Amy was a quiet girl, a bit shy and somewhat of a loner. She didn't do many after school activities and usually hung out at the local YMCA for about an hour or so until her mother picked her up. She loved to go swimming and even did it in the winter months at the Y's indoor pool.

Friday just before graduation, which was to be held on Sunday of the same weekend, Amy went to the Y as usual. She had been antsy all day and was complaining of having chills and sneezing fits. When her mother picked her up, Amy got home and went straight to bed, not feeling well at all. She tossed and turned but just couldn't seem to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. After a while though, the boredom of not doing anything and just lying in bed staring at the blank wall caught up with her and she dozed off. Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness Amy felt a strange pressure descend upon her. It was as if a large weight had settled on her chest holding her down. Although it didn't suffocate her or feel terribly uncomfortable, she did find that her limbs were much to heavy to lift and was basically immobile. In her grogginess, she was unable to truly grasp what was going on, so panic really didn't overwhelm her. In fact she felt extremely relaxed, lucid even.

The strange feeling of being both asleep yet alert to what was happening to her made her somewhat uncomfortable a bit scared. Still it wasn't enough for her to jump up in alarm. Soon the sensation of goosebumps raising on her skin startled her. Not because of the fact she had goosebumps, but what she felt just before they appeared. Amy could feel fingertips, or what she thought felt like it, slowly caress the exposed skin of her arms. It happened a few times, sending shivers through her.
It was hot outside and she didn't have the air on when she went to bed, so Amy couldn't attribute the bizarre feeling to cold air or breeze coming in through the window. What was more disturbing, she could feel the same sensations start to travel along the skin of her body, her legs and she was fully clothe. A few moments later, Amy swore that her sex was being stroked by some unseen hand. While the sensation was not unpleasant it did in fact frighten her because it felt so real. In her mind she saw only blackness. Later when she discussed this experience she stated, for the life of her she couldn't remember if she had been having a dream at all. In fact she swore that she thought it was all happening while she was awake.

The touching continued, until Amy felt something trying to force it's way into her body. Never having experienced sexual penetration, she truly had no way of knowing what was happening to her. In a few more seconds, it felt as though the walls of her sex were stretched apart as if something was moving inside her seemingly growing larger as it did. There was friction that caused some burning pain, making her quite uncomfortable. Her body seemed to go limp then and the weight she had felt in the beginning became more pronounced and this time she truly felt as though there was someone or something pinning her to her bed. She wanted to move, struggle, yet whatever had her flat against the mattress wouldn't allow it. The strange feeling inside her vagina, began to increase and she felt as if something was sliding against her inner walls with increasing speed in an up and down motion. After
a few seconds more, the feeling stopped and the weight lifted off of her.

A short while later Amy woke up, feeling a bit tired and somewhat nauseous. The bizarre "dream" she had that was more physical then mental, plagued her. She got up and went to the bathroom. When she went to relieve herself she felt soreness between her legs, and looked down to find blood on her underwear. She had finished her period a week ago. Amy never told anyone about what had happened that day. It never happened again, at least that's what Amy believes. Although she did confide in me that sometimes, just before she goes to sleep, she will feel a strange sensation of arms wrapped around her, holding her as she drifts off in slumber.

True but Freaky huh!



Tabitha Blake said...

Wow! That is some really creepy stuff. Makes my skin crawl. Great blog!

Brenda said...

Holy cripes!!! That is so bloody freaky!!! LOL, it gave me chills. I couldn't even imagine that. I'd be so flipping scared. And the fact that she had never had sex before and she described what it's like in such detail.
Hey, I'm still on for the beta read exchange, just need a couple more days. Life just kept getting in the way. Sorry

Sheri Fredricks said...

OMG! Now that's an adult spooky story to tell! If I were horny, that'd be one thing...but I don't know. Poor Amy! Great story.

Anonymous said...

I actually new Amy's sister and amy casually, It freaked me out. Weird though I thought for the longest time that they were just kidding around with me, then I began to read more stories on line and in books about incubus attacks a few years later and now look back and think, Damn, this could have really happened to her. I was totally creeped out.